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How Serious is a Leaning Chimney, and What You Can Do

fixing leaning chimneys in fishers inThere are several types of chimneys in homes and businesses. Regardless of the type of chimney, they all serve the same function, work in the same way, and can become extremely hazardous if their structure is compromised.

So, Your Chimney Leans

You might not notice your chimney is leaning, especially if a previous owner has masked the problem with caulk or mortar. However, if you notice something suspicious, especially new cracks between bricks or along the chimney, you probably have a leaning chimney. Another sign of a leaning chimney is leaking from the roof around the flashing, which indicates space created by the leaning structure.
If you aren’t sure whether your chimney leans or not, you can use a long level to be sure the chimney is plumb, or vertical in two planes. Also, be sure the horizontal mortar lines are level. If these tests show that your chimney leans you should contact a professional immediately.

Hazards of a Leaning Chimney

A leaning chimney poses a serious threat in a home or business. First, bricks may fall from the chimney structure, causing serious or fatal injury. Second, the leaning will damage the chimney flue interior, and can cause chimney fires. Finally, a leaning chimney can compromise the integrity of the entire structure, and will most likely affect other parts of the chimney system.
Your chimney was most likely built as one unit, meaning that the hearth or firebox, damper system, and other parts of the chimney can be affected by a structural problem in the chimney. The chimney liner can also become strained and cracked if the structure fails.
By simply strapping the chimney in place or caulking the cracks closed, you may overlook possible damage to your chimney system, unseen to the untrained eye.

What We Can Do

repairing leaning chimneys near indianapolis inAt Chimney Solutions we are licensed, insured, and experienced in chimney repairs. We can restore your chimney and fireplace inside and out, top to bottom. If your chimney is leaning, and beyond repair a full chimney rebuild may be in store. Our technicians are skilled and experienced to build the chimney that you envision for your home or business.

With over twenty years of experience, we are ready and able to rebuild a chimney in your home or business with the utmost care, professionalism, and safety. Our technicians are ready to work with you to build the chimney that you envision for your home or business, whether standard or unique.
If you aren’t convinced your chimney is leaning or that it needs a complete rebuild, you can have your chimney inspected by one of our experienced technicians. While a level 1 inspection is the standard annual inspection, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends a level 2 inspection if you suspect any chimney changes caused by damage to the home, new parts installed or removed, structural problems, and building fires.

You can schedule your inspection with Chimney Solutions today by phone or online. Our team at Chimney Solutions Indiana is proud to serve Indianapolis, Avon, Carmel and the surrounding areas. We are ready to repair, inspect, or rebuild your leaning chimney today!

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