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Spring Cleaning: A Great Time to Schedule a Chimney Sweep


If you have spent the winter using a fireplace to heat your home, even if you’ve only used the fireplace and chimney for occasional ambiance, it’s best to have it cleaned regularly.

The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.” Spring is a great time to schedule your chimney sweep. There are a few great reasons to take care of your chimney system in the spring.

  1. In most areas it is rainy, wet, and warm in the spring. The sudden change in temperature, humidity, and air pressures can cause the ashes and residue in your chimney to become fowl-smelling if left unchecked. While you are busy cleaning the rest of your home after the winter months, it’s best to get the chimney taken care of before it ruins the fresh feeling of a clean home.
  2. Chimney Solutions stays very busy during fall and winter with emergency calls and repairs. By scheduling your cleaning in the spring you can benefit from a flexible schedule. Another good time to schedule your cleaning or inspection is during the summer, though we recommend spring cleaning for well-used chimney systems.
  3. When you schedule your cleaning in the spring you have the summer to address any concerns with your chimney system. When your chimney is cleaned and the creosote is removed, revealing the liner, the technician sometimes finds cracks or issues with the chimney liner or appliance. If this happens you have the summer to schedule an inspection and repairs if needed.

Points to Remember For A Chimney Sweep

When you prepare for your chimney sweep seek out the best business in the field. Chimney Solutions of Indiana proudly serves the greater Indianapolis area with professionalism and expertise in all aspects of chimney safety and maintenance. We want to get in and out of your home or business quickly for your convenience.

Discontinue use of your fireplace at least 24 hours before your appointment. This ensures the safety of our technicians. Also, clients should clean the ash out of their ash box before our arrival, so our technicians can provide fast service for your convenience. Finally, clients are encouraged to clear a working space of at least 6 feet around the opening of the fireplace or appliance to protect your property, and to leave our technicians enough space to work and set up equipment.

chimney sweeping in Indy

Spring is an exciting time of year. You may be quite happy to have a break from feeding your fireplace or carrying wood inside everyday. Spring is nice because it’s warm enough to stop burning fuel, but not so warm that you need to run the air conditioning system. During this time don’t forget your chimney system. When our expert technicians leave your home you can rest easy knowing your chimney has a clean bill of health following this routine check-up.

If you live around the Indianapolis, IN area, schedule your routine chimney sweep today and speak to a Chimney Solutions professional.

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