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Add Some Style to Your Backyard With a Fire Pit

Spring is in full swing here in Indianapolis, and the warm days and cool nights have you spending more time outside.Add Some Style to Your Backyard With a Fire Pit Image - Indianapolis IN - Chimney Solutions Indiana You might invite friends and family over for a barbecue, but you don’t have enough room inside, and your yard is small, or maybe it’s rocky. Your backyard just isn’t welcoming, and won’t accommodate the type of get-together you have in mind. Chimney Solutions Indiana has the solution for you.

Fire Pit Versus Fireplace

Patios and outdoor kitchens usually feature an outdoor fireplace. These are a great option when you have a large outdoor space, but not everyone has that luxury. If the size of your backyard is holding you back, don’t let it! Chimney Solutions sells and installs fire pits of all sizes. They’re a great addition to any outdoor space, whether you have a furnished patio, or lawn furniture on the grass.

Also, some city codes or home owners insurance may not allow for a fire place, so a fire pit is the best option. A small fire pit can give you the warmth and ambiance you’re looking for, and still bring the fire up off of the ground in most appliances.

Do You D-I-Y Your Firepit?

nice looking outdoor firepits in indianapolis inA simple search engine can take you to numerous examples of do-it-yourself backyard projects. Home improvement stores often have just what you need to build your own fire pit, so why hire a professional?

Building a D-I-Y fire pit can be very dangerous, especially if you attempt to use any kind of gas burner. If you build a fire pit for burning wood you cannot guarantee it will burn properly when you’re hosting a party. With a manufactured gas burning fire pit, you can rest easy with it’s professional installation. You can be proud of the picturesque flame, easy ignition, and contemporary style. When you hire a professional to install your fire pit, you don’t have to wonder if it will work.

Our professionals at Chimney Solutions Indiana are Certified by the National Fireplace Institute and know the ins and outs of fire safety. Fire safety begins with the planning, installation, and maintenance of your backyard appliance, and our professionals will not cut corners. We recommend only the highest quality products from the best manufacturers and offer a variety of stylish options. When your backyard space is completed you’ll be glad you didn’t D-I-Y.

If you’ve been waiting to create your outdoor space because you don’t have the time, experience, or space, you can start with Chimney Solutions Indiana. Begin by calling 317-757-6979 or click here to request an appointment! We look forward to helping you add some style to your backyard with a fire pit.

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