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We Offer Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Solutions Indiana has made it a priority to service chimneys with safety and functionality in mind. It is our goal to offer the best products and service in the industry, and while much of our expertise is gained through training, the bulk of it is experienced. We are familiar with the climate here in Indianapolis and know what to look for in chimney care and repair.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends homeowners have chimneys inspected yearly. It’s during these routine inspections that Chimney Solutions often diagnose chimney crown issues.

A chimney crown is a concrete slab that covers the top of the chimney stack, leaving only the chimney flue exposed, which should be covered with a chimney cap. The chimney crown helps to protect the chimney from damage caused by weather, wildlife, and debris. So, it’s vital to have this and all parts of your chimney inspected yearly as recommended.

Inspecting the Chimney Crown

When Chimney Solutions inspects the chimney crown we look for a few things: proper construction and materials, and damage like cracks, holes, or crumbling.

First, we like to make sure the chimney crown is constructed properly— with at least some overhang on all sides of the chimney stack. Two inches of overhang is normal. This construction allows for years of use without too much damage, especially if it’s made out of the correct materials. The chimney crown should be made of concrete and steel mesh. If it’s just made of mortar it will not withstand ordinary chimney use. The chimney crown should be at a slant to allow rain water and debris to move off the chimney and onto the roof without damaging the mortar or flashing.

When the chimney crown thins and cracks it allows moisture into the chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) warns of the extensive damage water can cause your masonry chimney so at Chimney Solutions Indiana we are experienced in chimney crown repair. We provide you with professional and long-lasting results every time.

Chimney Crown Repair

If your chimney crown is damaged with cracks or holes, we will repair it with a sealant to fill and seal it. For larger holes, we use a patching material and then apply the sealant. This professional grade sealant provides a durable, flexible waterproof film that protects the crown and prevents future damage. We repair the damage and apply the sealant correctly to ensure the crown can perform its intended purpose for years to come.

chimney crown repair and restoration in Geist IN

Rebuilding the Chimney Crown

If damage to the chimney crown is too extensive, Chimney Solutions Indiana can replace it with the most durable and long-lasting materials to keep your chimney protected against water intrusion for years to come.

However, the easiest way to avoid a chimney crown rebuild is to keep up with scheduled maintenance and inspections of your chimney system. If you live in and around Indianapolis, call us today at 317-757-6979 or schedule an appointment online to discuss your chimney inspection today.

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