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Does Your Chimney Need a New Liner?

adding chimney liner to chimney in carmel inThe chimney liner is an important part of the fireplace system and should be inspected regularly and repaired and maintained as needed.

The chimney liner serves three purposes:

  1. Protects house from heat transfer to combustibles.
  2. Protects the masonry from corrosive byproducts of combustion.
  3. Provide a correctly-sized flue for optimum use with appliance or fireplace.

When to Assess the Liner

If you have recently acquired a property with a fireplace and chimney, you should have it inspected before use. It is common that older homes were not equipped with a liner, or they were installed incorrectly, so it’s vital that they’re inspected before use. Other reasons to have the liner checked include moisture penetration and damage from freezing and thawing through the season. Also, if your flue needs to be resized, or if you change the type of fuel you’re burning. Every appliance needs a specific size of flue liner for safe and efficient operation, and not every type of liner is recommended for all fuel combustion. These are all things you should discuss with a professional during your inspection.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends regular chimney cleaning and annual inspections. Any issues with the liner should be recognized by a Certified Chimney Sweep during a routine inspection.

If You Need a New Liner

new chimney liner install indianapolis inReplacing a chimney liner is a job for a professional. If your chimney sweep reports a problem with your flue liner, you should follow their recommendations to ensure the safety of your family, home, or business. You don’t want to burn a fire in a liner that is damaged or the incorrect size for your appliance.

A professional chimney sweep can replace a chimney liner and get your chimney system back to full function in no time. At Chimney Solutions Indiana, we offer a stainless steel liner as well as aluminum liners because they’re long-lasting, rust-resistant, and compatible with all fuel types.

Chimney Solutions Indiana also offers HeatShield® Surface Relining. Our professionals can apply HeatShield® to an existing flue lining to restore it from cracks, deterioration, and general damage. The sealant is environmentally friendly and carries a 20 year warranty, and is available for full liner resurfacing as well as joint repair. After HeatShield® is applied, a Chimney Solutions Indiana professional will inspect the work with a camera to be sure that the lining is smooth and air-tight.

Remember that your chimney lining is vital to the fire safety of your home. Call a professional to inspect the liner and let you know your options for restoring the safety and efficiency of your chimney system. Our team is proud to offer our neighbors in Indianapolis, Avon, Carmel, and the surrounding area high-quality products and service. Call 317-757-6979 or click here to request your appointment today!

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