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Water Damage in Your Home May Be Caused by a Chimney Leak

expert waterproofing chimney in Eagle Creek INThe only thing worse than a leaky chimney is a leaky chimney that has reached the rest of your house. It’s not something homeowners often realize, but water damage in your house may be caused by a leaky chimney, even if it’s nowhere near it!

When You Notice Damage

  • Call a Professional Immediately

If you have water damage, you should start by calling a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS). General contractors do not know the ins-and-outs of a chimney, and may not check the chimney as the source of the leak. If they do think to check the chimney, they are not trained or equipped to do so properly. Only a certified chimney sweep (like those found at Chimney Solutions Indiana) has the expertise and the equipment to give your chimney a thorough evaluation and rule it out as the source of your leak.

  • Take Caution Around Water Damaged Areas and Leaks

If you are experiencing a ceiling leak, you should assume there is more water present than you see. If the chimney is leaking, it can run through the ceiling and pool in a location nowhere near the chimney. If you have a drip you have to assume there is water pooled above, and it is a weak point in the ceiling that may collapse. Remove valuables from the area, and be sure to keep family and children out of the area. Falling debris can be fatal to children.

Our Chimney Solution

At Chimney Solutions Indiana we take chimney leaks seriously, not only for the safety of your family and the protection of your home, but also the efficiency and life of your chimney. Water wreaks havoc on a chimney and we know better than anyone what goes into repairing a damaged chimney. It’s best to get started right away, and we are the best in the area at what we do.

Chimney Inspections

By inspecting the suspected leaky chimney we are better able to assess the source of the leak and plan repairs. We also offer video scanning along with a detailed report so that we don’t miss a thing, and you have documentation for insurance purposes.

Repair Damages

carmel in chimney leak repairs waterproofingOur expert chimney sweeps are experienced in chimney repairs, relining, and even restorations. If your chimney leak has reached the rest of your home, it has most likely already caused extensive damage to the chimney system. We will provide a detailed repair plan and get you back to safe and efficient home heating in no time.

  • WaterproofingWaterproofing is one of the most important measures a homeowner can take to prevent future costs and damage. We offer waterproofing services as well as chimney cap and flashing installation and repair. These three things working together are your best protection against leaks.
  • Referral to a General Contractor – Once your chimney is taken care of, we will use our contacts in the community to recommend an expert general contractor to assist you in your home repairs. Just like Chimney Solutions knows the chimney. A general contractor knows general home repair, and we only recommend the best for our customers.

If you are experiencing a leak in your home it may be a chimney leak, and if you don’t have a leak in your home, it’s best to prevent it now rather than paying for it later. Call Chimney Solutions Indiana today to start your appointment and talk to a professional today.

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