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Get Ahead of the Crowd with a Summer Chimney Sweep

indianapolis in top notch chimney sweepsSummer is nearly over, and that means you should be getting ready for burning season. This means two things: you’re cutting (or buying) properly seasoned wood for your wood-burning appliance, and you’ve scheduled your chimney sweep and inspection. Since you have a few weeks before cool weather hits, you might think it’s alright to avoid scheduling that routine chimney maintenance.

This is not recommended.

Chimney Sweeps and Inspections

It is recommended to have your chimney inspected annually even if there have been no problems or fireplace use. There are three levels to a chimney inspection, and level one is a basic inspection for a chimney with no changes. It’s not our goal as chimney sweeps to price gouge you or twist your arm into needless services. On the contrary, we uphold the values of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) in which we strive to educate homeowners on chimney safety and use. It is recommended that chimneys are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. This keeps your chimney working properly, and it’s the best prevention for major problems in the future since a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) is experienced and trained to catch problems even in their very beginning stages.

Avoid the Fall Rush

If you wait to schedule your chimney inspection and cleaning you will run into the fall rush. This is the busiest season for chimney sweep companies as their schedules fill with service and emergency calls throughout the fall. During the fall rush it isn’t easy to get a convenient appointment time, and even harder to schedule repairs and installations.

The best way to avoid the fall rush is to schedule in advance. It’s a good idea to schedule your annual inspection a year in advance so it isn’t forgotten. Just schedule it on the day of your current inspection. You can also forward-schedule sweeps. A good rule of thumb is to have your chimney swept annually. If you burn more wood, more frequent sweeps are recommended. You can schedule these at your convenience, but since chimney sweeps require you to discontinue use of the chimney for 10-12 hours prior to an appointment, it’s probably best to schedule them in the mildest time of the year (spring and fall).

Benefits to a Summer Sweep

When you schedule your chimney sweep for the mid-season months, you don’t have to discontinue use. Another good benefit is that if you schedule it in early summer or spring you can avoid the odors that can come from a humid, summer chimney.

Mid-season Sweeps Leave Time for Repairs

the best chimney sweeps in fishers inFinally, if you schedule your sweep during the late winter, spring, and summer, and your chimney sweep notices a problem, you have time to make repairs. If you wait until fall or even late summer to have it swept, and problems are found, you may not have the time for repairs before burning season. It is never recommended to use a chimney when it has a potential problem. Having your fireplace inspected during the burning season is akin to a race car driver stopping mid-race for tune-ups. Think ahead and make sure everything is in good working condition before the season starts.

To avoid the fall rush, and various other headaches that can come along when you put off your chimney maintenance, make sure to schedule today. Our team at Chimney Solutions Indiana is proud to provide quality service to our neighbors from Indianapolis to Carmel, Avon, and the surrounding areas. Call Chimney Solutions Indiana to find out more about our chimney sweep services.

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