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How A Leaky Chimney Impacts Your Chimney System

fixing chimney leaks in indianapolis inThe chimney is not simply a decorative roof ornament, and a fireplace is not just a feat in home decor. Your chimney is an important part of an entire heating system in your home.

A leaky chimney not only can cause your chimney to work incorrectly, but can also cause extensive damage to the structure of your masonry, flue lining, and mechanical parts of your chimney.

How the Chimney Works

The chimney is essential to the ventilation of harmful gases when using a fuel-burning fireplace or appliance. If your chimney has a leak, it can interrupt the flow of gases, cause drafts, and essentially raise the fire risk in your flue and chimney. A leak can also make the chimney system less efficient, as it disrupts the science that makes it work. To learn more about “How Your Chimney Really Works” visit the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) for invaluable information for homeowners.

Leaky Chimneys and Water Damage

A leaky chimney can cause extensive damage to the entire chimney system. It may not seem like a big deal now, with what seems a tiny leak, but preventing future damage is a worth-while investment to your home or business.

Since most of the chimney system isn’t readily accessible or visible to the homeowner, by the time the leak presents itself, there is already considerable damage.

This can include:

  • Masonry damage, which can compromise the structural integrity of the chimney as well as result in cracks and gaps in the masonry.
  • Damage to the flue lining. When water mixes with soot it can form a compound that is extremely hazardous to the flue lining, causing holes in the lining which raise the risk of flue fires, as well as heating nearby combustibles in the interior of the house around the chimney system.
  • Damage to mechanical parts of the chimney. The damper is made up of metal parts which can rust and work incorrectly. When the damper is damaged it can cause draft and smoking problems in the chimney system.

At Chimney Solutions of Indiana we have the solution for your leaky chimney, and our experience in the Indianapolis area means we know the weather, the general wear-and-tear of our products, and what will work for you. We also have experience correcting the most common moisture-related damage.

Our Certified Chimney Sweeps and inspectors are sure to check the most common problem areas during routine inspections:

  • chimney capsleaky chimney repairs in indianapolis in
  • chimney crown
  • flashing
  • damaged masonry

It is important to correct and repair damage as soon as possible, and to prevent future damage by waterproofing your chimney. If you live around Indianapolis and have a concern about your chimney, schedule an appointment with an expert technician today. We not only offer repairs, but we offer waterproofing services to bring your chimney up to peak performance for the burning season.

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