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Make the Fireplace the Centerpiece of Your Holiday Season

holiday fireplace and chimney installation in Geist INThe holidays are filled with family, parties, shopping, and festivities. Many of the holiday festivities are focalized on the fireplace. Families gather in front of the fireplace to open presents. Couples may cuddle in front of the fireplace with a blanket and some eggnog. Even family photos often happen in front of the fireplace. This is not an accidental occurrence. Families have gathered around the fireplace for traditional get-togethers for decades. That’s why even television services offer a holiday channel with a holiday fireplace, allowing even those without a fireplace to enjoy one during their festivities.

The Fireplace Photo Backdrop

Despite popular belief, the family photo is not dead. Many families use holiday get-togethers as the perfect opportunity to squeeze everyone into a photo, and what better backdrop than your own beautiful fireplace? The fireplace is a popular option for family photos because it is versatile. Stand or sit in front of it, sit next to it, crowd around it, you can bet the fireplace won’t steal the show, but it will add a flair to every photo.

Decorating the Fireplace

You can definitely decorate your fireplace. The mantel is a holiday favorite for decorations, as well as the chimney above the mantel, but what about the hearth? Can you put decorations in front of the fireplace? What is safe?

You can decorate to the side of your fireplace. It’s important to remember that if you place decorations in front of your fireplace, they should be at a distance that if they fall they do not fall into the fire. Traditional holiday decorations like Christmas trees should be kept far from the fire. Choosing a place across the room from the fire insures that if it falls over it will not land near the fire. Putting your tree in a sturdy stand that is size-appropriate will prevent most falls. Also, your tree should be well watered so it doesn’t become a more serious fire hazard.

Finally, when hanging things from your mantel, like lights, garland, or stockings, make sure they are easily-removable, so that you can remove them before you light your fire. You don’t want to risk anything falling into the fireplace while it is burning.

great looking fireplace insert in Geist INFireplace Installation For The Holiday

When you host a party, dinner, or other gathering during this holiday season you can make it more enjoyable and more memorable by using your fireplace as your centerpiece. You can even give your fireplace a face-life before the big day. Chimney Solutions of Indiana installs new mantels and surrounds so that you can have your dream fireplace before it becomes your holiday centerpiece. A new mantel or surround can make a tired old fireplace look like new, and it can bring the life into your gathering—the perfect backdrop for holiday photos, dinners, gatherings, and more.

Let Chimney Solutions give your fireplace a makeover today and we’ll get it done before your big holiday get-together.The team at Chimney Solutions Indiana is happy to serve our neighbors in Indianapolis, Avon, Carmel and the surrounding area this holiday season!

Call today at 877-672-4466 or request an appointment online.

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