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Our Price-Match Guarantee on Masonry Services

masonry work and chimney repair in Geist INWhen your masonry has a problem, you experience a problem. Safety and efficiency decreases, and masonry damage that goes without repair often leads to extensive costs and damages. Masonry damage cannot be ignored, especially during the burning season, in which your family depends on the chimney and fireplace for heat and expect it to operate safely. Winters in Indianapolis are harsh, which leads to an accelerated deterioration of your chimney through the freeze/thaw cycle. Protect your home’s masonry with help from Chimney Solutions Indiana.

When you experience chimney problems, seek help from a professional. Don’t cut corners by hiring someone less qualified in order to save money. Remember, when your chimney’s safety and efficiency is compromised, your home and family’s safety and comfort is compromised.

Choose a Certified Chimney Specialist, Always!

You can’t go wrong when you choose a CSIA Certified technician to complete your chimney repair. Only a CSIA certified professional has the extensive classroom and field training to surpass even general contractors when it comes to chimney construction, performance, and safety. Certified chimney sweeps are the only professionals who know the ins and outs of fire science, are trained masons, and are experienced in inspection, repair, and maintenance of every type of chimney and fireplace/stove/insert combination. CSIA certified chimney sweeps also adhere to a stringent Code of Ethics designed to protect homeowners from scams and exploitation. When you choose a professional with these values, you know exactly what you’re getting right away.

Best Chimney Service In Indianapolis.

Call Chimney Solutions of Indiana for your chimney services and masonry repairs in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. With more than 20 years experience in the chimney industry, and a focus on our customers’ safety and comfort we make sure all of our technicians are CSIA certified. We offer the best services in the area, and adhere to the CSIA standards as well as our own high standards expected of professionals who enter private homes and businesses to provide a service.

We strive to offer these services at a competitive price for the benefit of our customers, putting your safety first. For this reason we discourage using amateurs to complete a job only suitable for a professional.

our chimney specialists will price match any fireplace company

We Will Match and Beat ANY Price on Masonry Services!

It’s important to us at Chimney Solutions that our customers don’t get the bare minimum when safety is at stake. A less qualified professional may diagnose a problem correctly, repair the surface-level damage, and fail to fix the problem. Chimney Solutions wants to be your chimney solutions—solving the problem with your masonry today.

Our most common masonry repairs are tuck-pointing and brick re-facing. Both of these services can be completed by an amateur, but will be completed poorly—impacting your chimney’s beauty, longevity, safety, and efficiency. You won’t cut corners with Chimney Solutions. First, we aim to BE your chimney solution. Second, we don’t just guarantee satisfaction; we guarantee to match or beat the competition! Thus, ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time, and at the right price.

Our team is proud to serve Indianapolis, Carmel and the surrounding areas! To talk with Chimney Solutions Indiana, call us at 1-877-672-4466 or schedule an appointment online.

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