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Benefits of Direct Vent Technology

direct-vent-technology in indianapolis inAs the Indianapolis area’s gas fireplace experts, one of our most requested services is direct vent installations. At Chimney Solutions Indiana, we understand the convenience a gas fireplace offers our customers and we specialize in installation and maintenance of direct-vent gas fireplaces.

Why Choose Gas?

It’s hard to find a downside to gas fireplaces, especially with the new, highly-efficient technologies available today. Some of the benefits we hear from our clients include:

  • Storage space isn’t required for fuel.
  • There is no ash cleaning after each fire.
  • No more waiting for the fire to die out if too hot, ready to go to bed, or leave the house.
  • Time spent stacking wood and lighting and stoking the fire? Gone!

The most obvious benefit is the easy push-button start and end to the fire. No waiting for fuel to catch, just convenient heat at the push of a button. This type of convenience in a highly-efficient and versatile system is made possible with direct vent technology.

Direct Vent Technology Doesn’t Affect Your Air Quality

A direct vent gas fireplace is a closed system which leaves NO byproduct in your home, nor does it draw air from the home. It draws air from the outside, and vents it outside. This vent can go through a wall, or vertically through the roof. This system is especially beneficial because a direct vent can be placed anywhere.

Direct Vent Technology Allows for Installation in Any Room

You can place your direct vent gas fireplace wherever you want when installed by a professional. In addition, you can have your fireplace installed in an existing fireplace and hearth or opt for a new location completely. With this technology you can have a gas fireplace in every room! The ventilation doesn’t affect drafts or other appliances either.

Direct Vent Technology Allows an Efficient Heat Source

These systems burn efficiently, and use every amount of heat produced to heat the home since the direct vent doesn’t need heat to push the exhaust out the way a chimney does. Because of their high efficiency, you can afford to use these fireplaces for heat as well as aesthetics. They’re especially good for zone heating through the winter.

Direct Vent Technology is a Low Maintenance Fireplace

direct vent gas fireplaces in indianapolis inFor those looking to avoid maintaining a wood fireplace, or hand lighting a gas log set this system is for you. It’s a closed system to be maintained by a certified professional. While this may sound expensive, consider this: direct vent fireplaces need less maintenance because they don’t require a chimney or extra parts that can become damaged.

With all the benefits of direct vent technology it’s hard to find a reason to choose anything else. Chimney Solutions offers many options for fireplaces, however, and we’re certified and experienced in all installations. You can talk to a Chimney Solutions Technician today by calling 317-757-6979. We serve the Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas and look forward to serving you!

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