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Introducing the Bio Fuel Fireplace

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You may think your only fireplace options are wood, gas, or oil. However, there is a newer technology that has swept the industry in the last few years. This new technology can be your dream fireplace in winter and summer! Bio-ethanol appliances are often used for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. They come in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, are low maintenance, and easily installed.

When you’re shopping for a new contemporary fix for your fireplace, consider a bio-ethanol appliance.

You can find them in four designs:

  1. Burners are stainless steel trays that hold the fuel and regulates the fire. These burners can be placed on any noncombustible surface.
  2. Inserts are metal boxes, usually stainless steel, that can be recessed into walls. This makes them very versatile for home design and aesthetics.
  3. Freestanding appliances can be wall-hung, tabletop, or self-supporting units. Again, this style is extremely versatile for home decor and easy to move if needed.
  4. Retrofit units are designed to fit in an existing fireplace. These units look like a fireplace.

Everything to Know About Bio Fuel Products

  • No ventilation is required because it burns with minimal exhaust.
  • Installation is easy and all of these appliances are low maintenance.
  • There is no need to clean ash or wood chips, store firewood, or clean a chimney.
  • Bio Fuel is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Low BTU output means they aren’t a great heat source, more for ambiance.
  • Environmental impact is low, depends on renewable resources.
  • Many models feature automatic safety shut-offs and fuel-filling features.

Everything to Know About Bio Fuel

The fuel is one of the greenest options on the market, though not a good source of heat. Bio-ethanol fuel is derived from plant by-products like sugar and grain. It’s fermented with yeast, and “denatured” for consumer use. Afterwards, a “bittering” agent is applied to keep people from ingesting it. In its final form, bio fuel can be in liquid or gel form. Both are popular choices, but many consumers prefer gel. This is because it’s easier to handle and eases the refueling process. Liquid bio fuel has to be handled carefully.

Bio fuel is a popular green option and has several benefits. Yet, just like any other fuel, it comes at a cost. This is because in order to use your appliance you have to purchase the fuel. In addition, depending on how much you use your appliance, you can run through a fuel supply quickly. Although you may spend more money than you would fueling a traditional wood fireplace, you will not have to deal with the mess. In addition, bio fuel is a clean fuel! It’s a renewable fuel, is safe, and releases less pollutants.

If you’re looking to decrease your carbon-footprint but would like to relax by a fire, you may benefit form a bio fuel appliance. The flame is beautiful and is enjoyable year round.

No matter what type of fireplace or appliance you choose, you should always educate yourself on fireplace and chimney safety. Have more questions about your winter or summer fireplace? If so, call Chimney Solutions today at 317-757-6979. We serve the greater Indianapolis, IN area and look forward to serving you!

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