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How to Hire a Chimney Sweep and What Factors to Consider

indianapolis in best chimney sweepsIf you intend to keep up with important annual maintenance that can prevent outstanding costs later you’ll need a chimney sweep every year. When you find a chimney sweep company that you are happy with, that company may service your chimney for many years. To make sure you find a sweep that is the right fit, there are five things to consider.

Credentials and Experience

The first thing any consumers are inclined to look at when considering services and products is pricing. This is not the most important factor! You should be able to recognize a balance between price and experience. If the chimney sweep company is new or has less credentials, but charges an outrageous amount, you might look elsewhere. However, if the company has extensive training and years of experience, it’s not uncommon to see that reflected in the price. Having years of experience in your area is a bonus.

During your search for a qualified chimney sweep, look for the following:

  • National Chimney Sweep Guild
    Members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild indicates professionalism and credibility. They’re required to adhere to a code of ethics and it is the only nationally-recognized trade association for chimney professionals. Members also have access to the most up-to-date technologies and information in the industry.
  • Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
    This certification means that the chimney not only has undergone extensive training and examinations, but also maintains the CSIA certification and adheres to a stringent code of ethics designed to protect the consumer from fraud.
  • The National Fireplace Institute
    NFI strives to increase public safety through establishing credentials for the professional installation of residential hearth appliances and venting systems. Members have the experience and training to plan and install in three categories: NFI Gas Specialist, NFI Wood-burning Specialist, and NFI Pallet Specialist.

Cost and Financing

Many consumers are inclined to look for the cheapest man to do a job, but it’s important to get quotes from several companies in the area, and compare the prices. It should be a red flag if a company charges extremely low or extremely high.

While you are meeting with companies ask about financing. If a company doesn’t offer financing, they may partner with a local bank to do so. Also, many companies offer discounts like Chimney Solutions’ free inspections for Veterans, police, and fire personnel. We also match or beat competitor prices on masonry services.


Professional affiliations like those mentioned above are a strong indicator of professionalism in the field. A chimney sweep who spends the time and money to gain these memberships is most likely in the business for the right reasons—safety of the homeowner.


When searching for a chimney sweep, you might look for one with an expansive menu of services. A company like Chimney


Solutions Indiana, that offers chimney and venting services, installations, and repairs will be a phone call away for any problem that might arise year-round. The last thing you want is to find a new chimney sweep because the one you chose doesn’t provide the specialized service you need.


Research the companies on review sites top notch chimney sweeps in indianapolis insuch as Yelp! and Google Maps as well as Better Business Bureau and Facebook.

Chimney Solutions Indiana is here to answer any of your chimney and fireplace questions. We proudly serve the greater Indianapolis area and look forward to serving you! Call today for a consultation or to schedule your next chimney sweep and inspection appointment!

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