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The Chimney May Be The Actual Cause of your Leaking Roof

fixing leaky chimneys in indianapolis in Many chimneys experience leaks throughout their life. Paying close attention to your chimney’s performance can help you identify signs of a leak before it becomes a dangerous (and expensive) problem. If you have a leaky chimney you may:

  • Hear dripping in the fireplace or chimney.
  • Smell musty odors coming from the chimney.
  • Spot stains on the interior or exterior of the chimney’s masonry or in the firebox.
  • Experience leaks in other parts of the house.

You may have a leaky ceiling or water-stained walls and assume that you need roofing repairs. This isn’t always the case. In fact, if you experience a leak and call a professional, he should check your chimney first. This is because when the chimney has a leak, the water can enter the interior portions of the home (walls and ceilings). It flows to the lowest point, and pools there before forming a leak. This means you might have a leak several feet or rooms away, but the cause is still the chimney.

Why Your Chimney Leaks

Your chimney is made of many parts, all of which have an important purpose. When any part becomes damaged, it can affect the whole system. This can cause increased fire risk, extensive damage, and leaks.

  • Damaged Flashing
    One of the most common points of water penetration is at the intersection of the roof and the chimney. Oftentimes flashing isn’t installed correctly or it shifts and becomes damaged. Only a certified chimney sweep should install flashing. This is because only an experienced professional knows the meticulous placement of the sheets of metal that make up flashing. Correct flashing installation depends on the materials of the roof and chimney, the slant of the roof, and the climate and weather common to the area.
  • Missing Chimney Cap
    If the chimney cap is missing, shifted, or damaged it is a direct opening to the flue for rainwater, snow, debris, and animals. When water penetrates your chimney system it can damage multiple other parts of the system. Consequently, including the deterioration of the masonry from the inside out, worsening the leak.
  • Cracked Masonry and Crown
    The chimney crown and masonry can become weathered over time, resulting in cracks that can allow water into the chimney. If this type of damage is caught early, it can be repaired. A cracked crown can be sealed to make it as good as new and keep it working for many more years.

Waterproofing the Chimney System

leaky chimney fixes in carmel inA certified chimney expert like Chimney Solutions can waterproof your chimney from top to bottom. This ensures that your cap, crown, flashing, and masonry is ready for wet weather year-round. Our technicians are also trained in waterproofing sealant application. This industrial sealant allows gasses to escape, but prevents water molecules from getting in.

A Chimney Solutions Indiana expert is happy to investigate your home leak because we know that it’s likely caused by your leaky chimney! Call Chimney Solutions today at 317-757-6979 or request an appointment online. Our team at Chimney Solutions Indiana is happy to serve Indianapolis, Carmel, Avon and surrounding areas.

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