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Masonry Heaters

newly installed masonry heater in Geist INIn the United States, the traditional heat source of long-past has been the fireplace. Perhaps that is why the fireplace has been transformed in many ways through the years to burn more efficiently. Thus, resulting in oil and gas burning appliances, inserts, and log sets. However, in our service area of Indianapolis, Indiana, masonry heaters are becoming more and more popular.

What is a Masonry Heater?

A masonry heater is a highly efficient heat source. It is non-polluting, emits more heat, and uses less wood. This is possible because of the masonry. This ancient heat source has been popular in Russia and China, where wood shortages have cycled. In America, where wood is plentiful, the masonry heaters have been replaced by metal stoves and fireboxes. Today, more and more Americans are catching on to the benefits of burning less wood to produce more heat. In addition, creating less pollution in the meantime. Our green customers love masonry heaters.

How A Masonry Heater Works

The masonry heater uses a smaller fire that is highly insulated with masonry and tiles. This is so that the surface of the heater is cool to the touch. Within the heater itself, the heat and gases from the fire travel through maze-like tunnels of masonry, or baffles. This creates concentrated heat that reaches the 1100 degrees Fahrenheit needed to burn all the wood-waste. By the time the gases reach the vent to the outside, there is no particulate pollution. A standard metal unit and chimney doesn’t have the capacity to hold the heat long enough to burn all the particulate waste. So, it burns through more wood, and produces less heat than a masonry heater.

Benefits of the Masonry Heater

Many homeowners opt for the masonry heater. Why? Simply because of the environmental and financial benefits of burning less wood. Others prefer masonry heaters because they can be decorative and even cool to the touch, so items can be placed on them. They can even be designed to look like a standard fireplace and chimney. The radiant heat of a masonry heater can heat a larger space for longer, than a standard fireplace and chimney – or even stove. Do you find yourself running out of wood frequently? Does your home becomes cold during the night when the fire dies down? If so, you may benefit from a masonry heater.

Geist IN chimney rebuilding and fireplace repairInstalling a Masonry Heater

There are DIY and homesteading websites that recommend surrounding your wood stove with stones to imitate the radiant heat of a masonry heater. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also ineffective. The reason a masonry heater works so well is because the baffles, or maze-like tunnels, disperse the heat throughout the system, creating radiant heat that is then dispersed into the room. These baffles should be constructed properly, and with the correct materials. If there is a problem with the baffles, there will be a problem with your masonry heater. Fire is fire, and homemade fire and heating products can become dangerous quickly and put your entire family and property at risk. To learn more about masonry heaters in America, visit the Masonry Heater Association of America here.

At Chimney Solutions Indiana, we recommend professional services for all of our customers. This is not to make a profit, but to keep our customers safe and comfortable. Professional prices are for professional services, and ours are the best. As a company, we value the environment, and encourage our customers to look at masonry heaters if “going green” is important to your family.

For information about masonry heaters and to speak with one of our skilled masons, call 317-757-6979 or request an appointment online today.

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