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We Build Outdoor Fireplaces

Summer is here, and it’s time to think about your favorite outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any yard, patio, or garden space. It brings up the value of your property.  An outdoor fireplace, designed to your specifications and built by an experienced professional is vastly different than a store bought fire pit. Outdoor fireplaces are safe and can be quite enjoyable year-round.

Enhance Your Propertyoutdoor fire pit installs in indianapolis & zionsville in

When you choose to improve your outdoor space with a fireplace, you enhance your property. It’s a simple way to improve your landscape, accent a garden area or patio, or complete your dream home. If you plan to sell or refinance, then an outdoor fireplace is a great way to bring up your property value and curb appeal. With a Chimney Solutions installation, your outdoor fireplace is installed exactly to your specifications, safety regulations, and municipal codes. If you’re preparing to your sell your property, one of our fireplace experts can help you get the most out of your space, time, and money.

Increase Your Space

In the past, you might have been limited to the space inside your house for gatherings–summer barbecues and parties, winter holidays and festivities, family reunions, etc. By creating the perfect outdoor space, you increase the area you have to entertain. With an outdoor space, your guests won’t be crammed into your home. Your house won’t stink of food during your summer gatherings when you have a place for people to gather around a fireplace and grill. Keep the party outside, and you can relax after a party instead of worrying about cleaning up after your guests.

Enjoy a Fire Year-Round

It is a well-known fact that homebuyers, realtors, and property managers want homes with fireplaces. This is because people like them. The beauty of a well-constructed hearth, the crackling fire during Christmas festivities, the ambiance of a book by the fire. The fireplace doesn’t only increase the property value, but when it’s designed to the specifications of the homeowner, it enhances the enjoyment, the ambiance, and decor of the home.

Not every home has the space for a fireplace indoors, and not every house was designed with a chimney and hearth, but this doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a fireplace. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with an outdoor fireplace! Enjoy a fireplace without disrupting your home, your house, or your family by choosing an outdoor fireplace. You also benefit from having space outdoors and improving your property.

Choose Chimney Solutions

beautiful outdoor fireplaces in zionsville inYour #1 resource for outdoor fireplaces has what you need. Chimney Solutions sells and installs, designs and builds, outdoor fireplaces of all needs, sizes, and materials. Not sure an outdoor fireplace is right for you? We also sell and install beautiful fire pits. Our technicians are CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS), and are aware of the regulations and codes in our service area as well as industry standards for safety and efficiency.

If you’re ready to start the process now, you can enjoy the outdoor fireplace of your dreams before fall. Call Chimney Solutions today at 317-757-6979 or contact us online for your convenience.

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