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Tips on Selecting the Perfect Fireplace Insert

carmel in gas fireplace insert installationsThinking about converting an old, inefficient masonry fireplace with a modern, heat-generating insert?  That’s a smart move for homeowners who desire a beautiful appearance and plenty of heat.  Where do you start?  Let’s look at the process.

First: Size

A fireplace insert is a pre-made unit that fits, self-contained, into an existing space (i.e., the firebox of the current fireplace).  Start by measuring your firebox from back to front, side to side and top to bottom.  Your hearth products retailer will be able to take these measurements and direct you to the inserts that will make a perfect fit.

Second: Fuel

With a fireplace insert, whether you choose gas or wood as the fuel, you’ll get very high efficiency and lots of heat.

Wood- Wood-burning fireplace inserts bring you all the positives of a real wood fire with some additional benefits.  Wood will burn longer with less particle emission; less creosote will be produced; heating bills will be positively affected.

The biggest complaint most people have about big masonry fireplaces is that they do little to actually heat the house.  With a new wood-burning fireplace insert, this problem is solved.  The design of an insert ensures maximum heat production along with cleaner, more efficient burns.

Gas- A gas fireplace insert is essentially the same as a gas fireplace.  These units are amazingly simple to operate – a switch on the wall or a remote brings instant heat to a room.  Maintenance?  Not much with a gas insert.  Gas burns very clean and leaves no creosote deposits in the chimney and no ashes and embers in the firebox.

Converting an old fireplace with a gas insert involves running a gas line into the house.  If no natural gas is available where you live, propane in a tank will work just as well.  Ask your fireplace store rep for recommendations if you aren’t able to manage gas line installation yourself.

Third: Styles

Finally, in deciding which style of insert to purchase, consider some of the options:

·      Finish, color and design style – there’s a multitude of beautiful combinations

·      Efficiency rating, which determines how large an area the insert will heat

·      Burn time, for wood fireplace inserts

·      Self-cleaning glass, for wood models

·      Thermostatic control, for gas inserts

·      Log set styles, for gas models

carmel in fireplace insert upgradesNo matter the style, fuel type or options you choose, a new fireplace insert is a great choice that will help you supplement your heating costs and add a touch of style and luxury to any room.

When it’s time to shop for a fireplace insert and have it expertly installed by certified contractors, call Chimney Solutions of Indiana first.  We’ll help you choose the perfect model that will fit your needs and heating requirements – and we’ll answer all your questions about great hearth accessories to enhance your new insert.  Reach us in Indianapolis at (317) 757-6979.

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