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Why Natural Stone is an Great Choice for New Fireplace Upgrade

geist in beautiful stone surround for fireplaceFor homeowners who want the most elegant in fireplace design along with durability and efficiency, look no further than a natural stone surround.  People enjoy natural stone because the material is very low-maintenance, resists wear, rot and mold, retains heat, and looks absolutely amazing.

Here’s a little about five of the most popular natural stone choices for the hearth area.

1. Granite

Strong, easy to clean and long-lasting with an appealing modern look.  Granite adds a nice touch to virtually any home décor.

2. Marble

Marble presents a sleek, finished look.  It’s beautiful but not as resistant as some other types of stone to chipping, staining and scratching.

3. Travertine

Few materials can match travertine’s versatility: it can be set like tile, carved for a rustic appearance or stacked like bricks for a more traditional look.  Like marble, it can stain and can be marred by scratches.

4. Limestone

Limestone brings elegance and formality to a room.  You can have it intricately carved or stacked.  It’s a porous material that tends to hold on to stains and requires a little more care in cleaning.

5. Slate

Along with granite, slate is one of the most durable natural stones.  It has a rustic appearance when stacked and a sleeker appearance when applied as slate tile.  Regular light cleaning is necessary.

Advantages of a natural stone fireplace surround

Heating: Natural stone is a great absorber and radiator of heat.  The more radiant heat coming from your fireplace, the more efficiently your fireplace does its job.  Granite, for example, is an excellent heat-conductor, while limestone and marble have superior heat-absorption qualities.

Easy maintenance: With most natural stone, periodic wiping with a cloth is enough to keep it looking fantastic.  With more porous stone like marble and limestone, many homeowners have a sealant applied to help the stone remain clean with minimal effort on their part.

Long life: Around the world you’ll see ancient stone structures still standing, even after centuries of wear and tear and harsh weather.  A properly built natural stone fireplace surround should last a lifetime – and likely far, far longer.

carmel in stone surround mantelVirtually indestructible: It’s hard to destroy natural stone – even if you try.  Any kind of stone you choose will be extremely resistant to intense heat, water damage, mold and other elements that can ruin less-durable materials.

With the many choices you have when selecting a natural stone surround – type of stone, texture, application, color and more – it’s surprisingly easy to enhance the décor of your entire home with a simple fireplace upgrade.  When you go with natural stone, you get a beautiful look, heat retention, easy maintenance and supreme durability.

Chimney Solutions of Indianapolis can help you find the perfect natural stone surround to accent your hearth area, and we’ll perform expert installation so you know it’s done right.  Stop by and see us at 5316 W 56th St., or get your questions answered by calling (317) 757-6979.

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