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6 Places You Didn’t Know a Fireplace Could Go

geist in electric fireplace in kitchenWhen we think of a “fireplace,” usually we conjure up images of a big, expansive structure made of heavy brick, roaring with flames inside the main room of a home.  This is a great way to use a fireplace, as testified by the hundreds of years folks have been doing it.  But why stop there?  With today’s amazing designs and fireplace technologies, you can have the beauty and benefits of a fireplace just about anywhere inside or outside your home.

To give you a few initial ideas, let’s look at six surprising places you could install a new fireplace.

1. The kitchen.  Many kitchens double as areas for visiting and hanging out.  If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, don’t make your central heat do double- or triple-duty during the cold months.  Instead, just add a great new gas fireplace to the room.  Gas fireplaces come in many sizes and styles and can be installed conveniently in a wall at ground level or several feet off the ground.  One click brings instant heat, and one click extinguishes the fire.

2. The bathroom.  Whoever thought of having a fireplace in a bathroom?  Lots of people!  A safe, reliable gas unit in the wall looks great and gives you heat when – and only when – you need it.  Nothing beats having heat at your fingertips on chilly mornings when it’s shower time.

3. Any bedroom.  With lovely fireplaces placed in bedrooms within a home, occupants can enjoy cozy warmth any time, and whoever’s paying the bills won’t have to crank up the entire central heating system.  Both vented and non-vented gas fireplaces are safe for use in small areas and provide the ultimate in convenience.

4. The dining room.  Talk about elegant dining!  With a subtle, luxurious gas or wood fireplace bringing beauty and ambience to your dining room, meals will never be the same again.  Today’s fireplaces come in styles and finishes that match virtually any dining room décor.

5. On the deck.  If you have a deck or outdoor area where you love entertaining, install a classy outdoor fireplace to take the chill off the evenings.  There’s a huge trend toward adding fireplaces to outside gathering spaces.  Whether the unit burns wood or gas, you’ll get lots of heat and unmatched aesthetic appeal.

westfield in new fireplace by pool installed6. By the pool.  Imagine having a roaring fireplace adjacent to your swimming pool for revelers to gather ‘round after a swim?  This is a great way to extend your swimming season into the cooler seasons and start enjoying your pool earlier in the year.  It’s easy to find a pre-made fireplace to serve this purpose – or you can have a fully customized unit made for you.

Where else can you put a fireplace?  Let your imagination decide!  Then visit Chimney Solutions in Indianapolis, experts in the sale, service and installation of all types of gas and wood fireplaces for every application.  Come take a look at what’s new at 5316 W 56th St., or if you have questions about any hearth product, we’re standing by at (317) 757-6979.

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