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5 Reasons Why You’ll Need a Chimney Inspection This Spring

In the Midwest, spring cleaning is mostly associated with yard work, decluttering storage spaces, and garage sales. We think that it’s time to add a chimney inspection to every spring cleaning “to-do” list.

It is significantly more beneficial to have a chimney inspection in the spring even though many look into the cost of a chimney inspection in Indiana during the colder months.

Here are five reasons why it’s time to start taking your chimney inspections and repairs more seriously this time of year.

You’ll get an appointment sooner

In our experience, Hoosiers tend to wait until fall to schedule their appointments. By choosing to schedule your inspection in the spring, we’ll get you in ahead of the crowd. And if any routine maintenance is needed, you won’t have to worry about your issues being resolved in a timely manner. 

So when the time comes to conduct the infamous Google search – “Find a chimney inspection near me” – you won’t be out of luck.


You could have dangerous build-up inside your chimney liner

Creosote – a smoke residue consisting mostly of tar – results over time as you burn wood in your fireplace. Therefore, if you use your fireplace during the fall and winter months, it is likely that build-up will arise. Gas log sets can also create a build-up in the chimney as well!

But creosote doesn’t disappear on its own and failure to have an inspection to assess the damage or renovating the creosote could potentially result in an unworking or dangerous fireplace.


Your chimney may start to smell

The warmer the weather, the more potent the odor. When creosote is not properly removed, it can start to smell. When that happens during a hot, Indiana summer, the heat and humidity will cause that odor to infiltrate your home and make your home smell like a bonfire.

Routine chimney inspection and sweep can help.


Having a chimney inspection can improve your indoor air quality

During the summer months, your chimney could actually allow warm air from the outside back into your home. If your chimney and fireplace aren’t ready, musty odors and energy loss are coming for you. Making sure that the fireplace damper is tight and inspecting the chimney will help maintain overall indoor air quality and inside temperature.

You may need chimney repair

Although some may worry about the cost of a chimney inspection, a $200-$300 chimney checkup may be the difference between spending thousands of dollars on unexpected chimney repairs – or worse – damages from a fire or water leak that could have been prevented. Many homeowners are unaware that a problem may exist.

Have peace of mind and save money over time. Schedule your chimney inspection with us today.


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