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When to Have Your Chimney Repaired

In ever-changing Indiana weather, it can be difficult to know if your chimney needs repaired. Annual inspections are always helpful, but these are some chimney repair tips to help you recognize when to call the experts.


Oftentimes, the chase cover of your chimney – or the metal top that protects the chimney– can develop rust. When rust is noticeable, it is a sign of excess moisture that corrodes the chimney cap.

Rust on the cover will not disappear by itself and could lead to potential water damage in your home if left unaddressed. Having a stainless steel cover installed during your annual inspection may help you avoid this concern, but this sign should trigger you to investigate your chimney further.

Water staining

Water staining on brick and mortar indicates that your masonry is probably absorbing water. Water absorption can lead to further deterioration, spalling brick, leaks inside the home, and a musty odor in the fireplace.

Example of “spalling brick” due to water damage.

Spalling brick

Similar to shaling, spalling brick takes place outside of the home, where the brick on your house begins to fall off on the yard or roof. Not having your chimney repaired will lead to replacing your brick, and in this case, part of your chimney. If not addressed immediately, your chimney may need to be completely replaced.

Chimney Crown

If the above signs become present at any time, one of the most important chimney repair tips is to check the crown of the chimney, which is the cement at the top of the chimney covering flue tiles.

A critical component to your chimney’s structure, the crown protects the chimney from weather conditions, severe damage, moisture, and debris. If the crown is cracked, moisture is able to seep in and cause larger cracks – likely causing the spalling, shaling and rust witnessed. When the crown is damaged, significant repairs become a necessity.


Here in Indiana, chimney repair tips are essential to follow, because of the different climates experienced throughout the year. Scheduling your annual inspection in advance will lead to peace of mind and budget.

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