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How to Keep Animals Out of My Chimney

Furry creatures are fun to admire from afar, but they are not so fun to admire if they make it into our homes – or a bit worse  – our chimneys. 

Animals like birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons can get it into the flue of a chimney and climb around. Chimneys are warm, safe spaces that look like hollow trees, which make them the ideal place to nest. 

Unfortunately, these animals can bring diseases like rabies and other parasites and could cause internal and external home damage. Nesting materials are highly flammable and could start chimney fires. If an animal becomes trapped and dies, the odor may carry into the home if animal removal services are not called quickly. 

Here are four ways to keep animals out of your chimney.

Close up the fireplace and surrounding doors

If an animal is trapped in your chimney, before an exterminator or animal removal personnel arrive, close up the fireplace and surrounding doors so the animal doesn’t escape. Animals that escape could rapidly transmit fleas or lice to your home and pets, and taking these precautions can lessen the chance of this occurrence. Finally, call for chimney repair services after an animal infestation.

Chimney caps

Chimney repair professionals can install chimney caps so that animals are unable to access the flue. A secure cap will also protect your chimney from rain damage. These caps still allow for airflow and are cost-effective options when installed. Typically, the cap can be supported by a wire cage that prevents animals from entering in the first place.

Top sealing dampers

Indiana chimney repair services can also install a top sealing damper to help protect your chimney. Essentially, dampers close off your chimney when it is not in use, ensuring that it is nearly impossible for animals to break through the damper of your chimney. The damper prohibits heat from escaping in order to reduce drafts and shut off the flue so animals are unable to access. Both a damper and a cap can be installed, though they perform similar functions.

Call your chimney sweep

After animal entry, find an Indiana chimney cleaning company to conduct an inspection before to make sure that no animal remains are present. A certified chimney sweep can ensure the safety of your and your family by getting your chimney ready for use and confirm that no safety hazards are present so you can enjoy your home.

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