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Is an Outdoor Fireplace Right for Your Home?

Is your outdoor area being fully utilized as an extended living space?
Perhaps an outdoor fireplace is worth investing in.

Some important factors to consider before moving forward with outdoor fireplace installation:

The size of your backyard

If you have additional space in your backyard, an outdoor fireplace can be an excellent addition to your property. Be sure to highly consider your landscaping, space, and the proximity of the firepit to other areas of your yard. Understanding your backyard size will also help you determine if a fireplace or fire pit is better suited.

The size of your fireplace

Ensure you take proper measurements to determine precisely how big or how small your fireplace will be beforehand, and ensure you’re pleased with the size you choose. Having a certified technician can help you plan accordingly, but begin to determine the size you desire, in addition to the purpose your outdoor fireplace will serve.

Location of the fireplace on your property

Placing your fireplace in the right location can be more challenging than it may seem. Certain areas may become difficult to place an outdoor fireplace, such as close proximity to shrubbery. For instance, having a fireplace in the most appealing place to you may be convenient, but it could also be considered a fire hazard. Be mindful and intentional of the potential barriers that could arise when placing your fireplace.

The type of fireplace

Both gas and wood-burning fireplaces are excellent options, but both offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Consider the cost, fuel type, ambiance, and any restrictions that pose a threat to a given fireplace type as you decide.

Once you’ve considered the above factors, it’s clear the barriers of outdoor fireplaces are few and far between, and more often based upon personal preference.

That in mind, here are the top 3 benefits of having an outdoor fireplace:

1. Space to entertain

The outdoor fireplace cost is likely significantly cheaper in comparison to adding on to your home, or renovating a room, as it just needs to be created. An outdoor fireplace may be the perfect place to host your next family gathering, football event, or neighborhood block party, without the clean up that comes with hosting events in your home.

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2. Warmth year-round

Here in Indiana with outdoor fireplace installation, you can enjoy company with warmth by the fire year-round. Regardless of the cool temperatures, your fireplace will still serve as a wonderful venue.

3. Adding value to your property

When the time comes to invest in your next big adventure, your outdoor fireplace installation now will serve as a beautiful selling point. If you’ve found your dream home, an outdoor fireplace will also serve as the perfect addition to add the finishing touches.

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