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6 Amazing Benefits of Installing a Gas Stove This Fall

As the temperature begins to drop it’s a good idea to brainstorm some ways to keep the heating bill low this winter. Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, consider adding a gas stove to this fall! This low maintenance addition is as low profile as you’d like it to be, making it a practical piece in any area of your home.

No Chimney, No Problem

If you have no chimney in your home, or if you are looking to place a fire in a room that either has no chimney or the chimney is not where you would like to place the fire, then a direct vent flue or vent-free model could be the perfect option for you. With new models being released every year, there are several gas stove options for your home. Use a CSIA Certified chimney sweep from Chimney Solutions to ensure you choose the correct version for your home.

Many stoves are available as Direct Vent flue or Vent-Free models. Direct Vent are made up of two pipes, one inside the other. The inner pipe removes the waste gasses, while the outer pipe brings air in that is required for combustion. Vent-Free gas stoves and fires feature automatic safety measures that prevent the build up of emissions in the home. All Vent-Free products require fresh air supply and minimum room sizes, so check to make sure that your room is suitable for a Vent-Free product before you buy.

Perfect Addition to Your Smart Home

With all of the smart upgrades offered now, we want to bring all of our appliances into the 21st century so why should your stove be any different? These highly efficient gas stoves are available as manual control or can be upgraded to remote control versions giving you maximum enjoyment at the touch of a button. Paired with your smart thermostat, you’ll be on top of your home’s heating from the comfort of your couch!

Money Saver

A gas stove costs can vary, however maintenance costs for direct vent gas stoves are substantially less than wood-burning. Gas stoves have controlled valves and therefore, if the gas and flame are produced to manufacturer-recommended levels then you’re good to go! It is recommended that you have your gas stove checked annually to keep your stove in tip-top shape for years of enjoyment.

Optimal Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature within your home can be a challenge in the cold winter months. The disadvantage of a traditional electric based heating system is that the heat must travel through a complicated network of pipes to reach the vents of the home. Naturally, heat dissipates as it moves through the system and by the time it reaches all the rooms of the home, it can feel less warm coming through the vents. A gas stove, on the other hand, provides direct heat to the areas in your home that need it the most. Other forms of heating simply cannot match the radiant heat provided by a perfectly placed gas stove.

Requires Less Installation Space

Searching for a way to add charm and supplemental heat provided by a fire to a smaller room in your home? Modern gas stoves require less installation space and many can even be installed in a room that lacks a chimney. Your new gas stove will add sophistication and charm to any space in your home, even in the warm months.

No Power Outage Worries

No matter where you live, the power will ultimately go out at least a couple times per year and as more natural disasters threaten increases in a power outage to your home, peace of mind is more essential than ever. Gas stoves work independently from the electricity supply and therefore no matter how long the power is out, your family will stay cozy enjoying the warm, radiant heat from your gas stove.

Ready to have the coziest winter yet? Let Chimney Solutions help by installing the best stoves and inserts from the most trusted brands in the industry. Whether you want something purely decorative or something to warm your favorite space while saving you money on heating bills, they’ve got it!

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