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Save Money on Heating Costs With a Fireplace Insert

Heating your home efficiently can make a drastic difference in your monthly budget, especially as the wintertime approaches. In Indiana, fireplace insert installation is one of the most effective services to consider as temperatures get colder.

Essentially, an insert is an appliance installed into the fireplace opening. It’s more efficient when it comes to heating a home as opposed to a normal fireplace. Unlike a fireplace, inserts have a metal flashing that serves as insulation, resulting in more efficient heating. Though there are several types of inserts like wood burning, direct vent, and electric. All are effective when it comes to saving money on heating your home.

Because many fireplaces pull more heat out of your home than they do burn heat inside, Indiana fireplace inserts offer a feasible solution to providing heat at a lower cost in the winter months. Here are some of the ways you can begin saving money with fireplace insert installation today.


Considering many wood fireplace inserts are made of cast iron or steel, they can provide heating efficiencies of nearly 80 percent or more. Many also have glass doors that allow you to watch and enjoy the flames, but the door provides more insulation for the heat. Fireplace inserts offer more zone heating, saving energy from the rest of the house, and preventing all of the warmth generated from going up your chimney. This heating plays a large factor in your monthly bills.

Lower heating bill

The fire generated from an insert typically lasts longer, heating your home for an extended time. Many also state an insert can save nearly 40 percent on heating bills. Because of the insulation and efficiency, the heat that is typically escaping remains to warm the room, saving you from spending money on both your fireplace and home heating system running at the same time.

Lower remodel costs

Though an annual chimney inspection is still important for safety, fireplace insert installation in Indiana can reduce and prevent repairs and additional routine maintenance over the years. In Indiana, fireplace insert cost is significantly less expensive than having your fireplace remodeled or installed. Depending on the year your home was built, a traditional wood-burning fireplace installation can cost in the thousands, while an insert remodel can be significantly less expensive.

Lower maintenance cost

Because the only routine maintenance to an insert is cleaning out the ash and ensuring that it is functioning properly, inserts cost very little beyond installation and require little cleaning. Not to mention, the convenience of an insert is that your fireplace can be activated by the click of a button, and turned off for safety.

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