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Does your chimney need to be swept? Here’s how to check.

A well-maintained chimney is a great addition to any Geist home, but one that goes unserviced is an accident waiting to happen. Scheduling an annual appointment with your local chimney experts is important to ensure your chimney is in safe working condition before using it after a long dormant period. There are over 20,000 chimney fires every year, but the good news is that there are clear and easy steps you can take to prevent chimney fires and protect your home and family.

Chimney Cleaning in Geist

Each time you enjoy an evening by the fire, soot and creosote are produced.  Over time, these seemingly harmless byproducts can form a highly flammable layer inside your chimney. There’s no way to avoid the collections of these destructive ingredients for a chimney fire, which is why staying on top of cleanings, sweeps, and maintenance is not an option if your home has a chimney. Not only do regular sweeps keep your chimney running efficiently, but they also help to protect your loved ones from fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Process 

When the team at Chimney Solutions sweeps & cleans your chimney, we use specialized tools and brushes to remove soot and creosote from the firebox, damper, smoke chamber, and flue. We also check for and remove any flue obstructions such as animal nests or debris. We take immense pride in our services and take every precaution to ensure your home and property stay clean, and protected, throughout the process. When you trust Chimney Solutions Indiana with your annual Geist chimney sweeping, you can expect to receive the most thorough and professional services – guaranteed.

Chimney Tips 

Aside from having your home’s chimney on a consistent maintenance schedule, there are some other things you can do to help prolong the life of your chimney! Having a chimney cap or sealing damper installed will not only protect your chimney from invasive critters, but they can also prevent unwanted drafts and even protect against rain damage. 

Contact the Experts at Chimney Solutions

Prolonging the life of your chimney on your Geist home can be a stress-free experience with the help of Chimney Solutions. Our chimney professionals are all CSIA-certified and NFI-certified and ready to help you avoid a hazardous chimney fire! Contact Chimney Solutions today and take advantage of our St. Patrick’s Day sweep and inspection special by calling 317-757-6979.

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