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5 Benefits of a Spring Chimney Inspection

Winter is finally over, time to put the past behind us, right? Well, not quite. Now is actually the time to assess the damage that winter did to our homes and fix these issues for the future. That way, when the snow hits again (like it always does), you won’t be scrambling to get your chimney and fireplace running properly.

We have put together a list of 5 key benefits when it comes to getting your chimney inspected this spring. And, like always, if you are ready for an inspection, we have a skilled tech ready to get to work on your home.

Appointment times are much quicker.

By thinking so far in the future, it’s quite likely that we will be able to see you for your chimney inspection much sooner than we will later in the year. It is not uncommon for people to wait until fall to start getting their chimneys looked at. By doing it in the spring, you will be set and ready to go when winter comes and you won’t have to wait for an appointment. 

Your chimney may develop an odor

Don’t be surprised if your chimney starts to develop an odor over time. When warmer weather creeps in creosote can start to smell. Luckily, an inspection can prevent this. If this is removed beforehand, you never have to worry about it. 

Dangerous build-up

The build-up in a chimney liner is always one of our top safety concerns for our Chimney Solutions customers. Hence why we always recommend getting an inspection done to make sure that that build-up isn’t happening and it is properly cleaned out. Creosote comes when you burn wood in your fireplace and that creosote has the ability to build up and become a hazard. If it isn’t removed it could even end up damaging your fireplace permanently. 

Indoor air quality

Air quality is so important especially if you or your family members deal with asthma. During the summer months, your chimney could send warm air from outside into your home. That can cause all the musty odors to come along with it, infiltrating the quality of your air in your home. To prevent that, we suggest a chimney inspection to make sure everything is properly sealed from the winter months. 

Home inspection

Looking to move soon? Having an inspection done on your chimney can actually raise the value of your home. After all, everyone loves a beautiful and safe fireplace.

If these aren’t reason enough to have us come inspect your chimney this spring, head to our website and reach out. We are happy to walk you through our inspection process and the value that comes along with it. 

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