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The Cowboy Cauldron: Meet your new backyard best friend

Picture this: it’s a breezy summer evening in Indianapolis. You spent the day cooking out with family and swimming in the pool. Now, everyone has calmed down and is ready to settle in with drinks, conversation, and a warm fire. There’s just one issue. You don’t have an outdoor fireplace and you certainly don’t want to ruin your lawn with a messy DIY fire pit. Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution. Chimney Solutions is now offering The Cowboy Cauldron.

What is the Cowboy Cauldron?

The Cowboy Cauldron is the perfect mix of easy to maintain and fun to hang out around. These well-designed, high-quality suspended fire pits exist to be easy to install and even easier to enjoy.

The basin itself sits upon three legs like a tripod. Then, the basin hangs from the middle by a thick chain, keeping the fire up in the air and off the ground. This keeps you from damaging your lawn and keeps the smoke away from your face.  Since the fire is higher off the ground, by the time the smoke leaves the basin it won’t go straight for your face.

Outdoor fireplaces and permanent pits can cause trouble when it’s time to redecorate – or even move. The Cowboy Cauldron takes care of that for you. It’s adjustable height is perfect for an array of patio furniture and you can pack it up and take it with you on your next move (PS. you don’t even need tools to install or take apart.) We think that’s a pretty big win-win (win).

Not only is the sizing versatile – but so is its use! Use it as a firepit, a fireplace, or even a grill. The Cowboy Cauldron has a cooktop so you can get that fresh off the coals taste every time.

Will the weather hurt it?

Indiana weather can be unpredictable. But not to worry, the Cowboy cauldron comes with both rain and snow covers. our Cauldron will survive the harsh Indiana Januarys and the wet Indiana Aprils. 

So do I install it or will you?

Either way! The Cowboy Cauldron is easy to set up for a DIY-er like many of our customers. Or, take the easy route and have us do it. Like always, we have your family’s safety in mind and our experts will make sure the Cauldron is correctly installed and ready for use.

Ready for a summer around the fire? Contact us to get your Cowboy Cauldron. Your family and your future self will thank you.

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