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Why Install A Chimney Top?

chimney specialists installing chimney top

Having a quality chimney top installed on your chimney is one of the best and most cost-effective things you can do to protect your chimney and keep it in great shape. Without a chimney top to seal your chimney and flue, there are a number of issues you could encounter:

    • Moisture Damage – Throughout the year, your chimney takes on rain, snow, and sleet, sometimes for days on end. Without a proper chimney top, this moisture will gain access to the masonry of your chimney, causing cracks, mortar deterioration, spalling, and other destruction. Not only that, but moisture will also damage any metal components of your system, like your chimney liner, your damper, and any metal in the connected appliance.
    • Animal & Insect Intrusion – Many animals, such as birds, bats, and raccoons, see the chimney as a wonderful place to nest and raise a family. If there’s no cap or chase cover to prevent animal and insect entry, they can waltz right in, bringing nesting materials, disease, feces, and food. They also oftentimes get trapped in the chimney or fall down into the fireplace – and both scenarios often end in animal fatality.
    • Flue Blockages – Whether it’s nesting materials, feathers, and fur left behind by animals or twigs, branches, and leaves, flammable materials can easily enter an uncovered chimney and flue, creating major blockages, system inefficiency, and fire and carbon monoxide hazards.
    • Draft Problems/Energy Waste – Without a quality seal at the top of your chimney flue, conditioned air will easily escape the home, while cold wind bursts and outside air will easily enter the home, resulting in draft problems, energy waste, and higher utilities.

We Install Chimney Tops Of All Types

Here at Chimney Solutions Indiana, we install several different types of chimney caps and coverings to effectively and stylishly seal off your chimney system:

  • Chase Covers/Rain Pansindy new chimney cap installation – Chase covers and rain pans work much like chimney crowns and are designed to seal off the chase of a prefabricated or masonry chimney. Like a lid for your chimney, chase covers and rain pans seal off the entire chase, with the exception of a small opening for the flue itself. Learn more about chase covers and rain pans here.
  • Decorative Shrouds – Decorative chimney shrouds are metal covers that are designed to match the rain pan and prevent moisture from entering the flue. By covering the top of the flue and diverting rain away from the area, decorative shrouds essentially perform the job of the chimney cap. We offer decorative shrouds and rain pans, and can customize the perfect rain pan and chimney shroud to meet your aesthetic taste and needs. Click here to read more.
  • Energy-Saving Dampers – Looking to kill two birds with one stone? An energy-saving damper performs the job of both a damper and a chimney cap! Having an energy-saving damper installed will help cut down on heating and cooling bills and prevent moisture, animals, and debris from entering your flue. Read more about these chimney tops here.
  • chimney restoration on chimney cap in indianapolisChimney Caps & Custom Caps – Chimney caps are designed to close off your flue and prevent animal, water, and debris intrusion. Here at Chimney Solutions, we install a variety of quality caps, including custom caps. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen! Click here for more information.

Feel Free To Call Us With Any Questions

If you’d like to learn more about the chimney tops we install or are in need of an appointment, please give us a call or click here. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and make chimney maintenance and protection as easy and affordable as possible. Call 317-757-6979!

Even with the right chimney top, you’ll still need regular chimney sweeping to keep your chimney in great shape. We’re ready to help with this and many other chimney services to keep you and your family safe.

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