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Enhance & Protect Your Indianapolis Home
With A Decorative Chimney Shroud

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Do you know how destructive water can be to the masonry and metal components of your chimney system? From receding mortar joints to cracking and crumbling brick, rusted fireboxes and flues, wood rot, and structural compromise, water is the leading cause of both major and minor chimney damage. That’s why proper maintenance is so important! In addition to regular inspections for early moisture detection, there are a variety of steps you can take to protect your chimney from water. One of the most stylish options for preventing moisture problems in your chimney system is to have a rain pan and decorative chimney shroud installed.

What Is A Chimney Rain Pan?

A rain pan is a metal cover that acts much like a chimney crown – the major difference being material. Like the crown, the rain pan (also oftentimes called a chase cover) diverts water from the chimney chase or stack, protecting the interior of the system from moisture intrusion and damage. This flat piece of metal covers the entire chase opening, with the exception of the flue itself, and can provide about 12-16 years’ worth of moisture protection. Click here to learn more about rain pans and chase covers.

What Is A Chimney Shroud?indy chimney service and installation

Although the rain pan does an excellent job of protecting your chimney itself, it doesn’t do anything to keep rain, animals, and debris out of your flue. That’s where the chimney shroud comes in! Chimney shrouds are much like chimney caps, and work to direct water away from the flue and prevent other intruders from entering. The major difference between a cap and a shroud is appearance. Shrouds are designed of metal and typically match the style and aesthetic of the rain pan. Together, the rain pan and chimney shroud provide a stunning look atop the chimney.

We Offer Custom Rain Pans & Chimney Shrouds

Here at Chimney Solutions, we believe that your chimney should look just as good as the rest of your home, which is why we also offer custom-built rain pans and decorative shrouds. We’ll measure your chimney and construct a quality, carefully-crafted rain pan and chimney shroud to add the style statement your home is lacking. Our custom products are designed and finished in a way that prevents rusting and oxidation, and are made from high-quality, high-gauge metal. We also add extra supports to our rain pans and shrouds when needed at no additional cost.

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