Why Your Chimney Smells Bad

There’s nothing worse than a summer gathering ruined by a stinky chimney! It’s actually quite common in the summer months when humidity rises and moisture mingles with soot and creosote. A dirty chimney will mean a stinky chimney, so the best way to avoid the occurrence is to make sure your chimney system is cleaned regularly.

stinky chimney and fireplaceChimney Smells Can Be Fixed By Our Indy Chimney Sweeps

  • Smokey Smell From Creosote

    This is the most common smell that occurs when you forget your regular chimney sweeps. The soot and creosote that coats the interior of the chimney system will stink if it’s allowed to remain in the system. When there is no fire in the fireplace, the scents don’t have gases pushing them up and out, so negative pressure pushes the smell down into the house. Another factor is when winds push into the chimney through the flue opening, and push the smell into the house.
    If it smells like a barbecue grill is sharing your living space, you should call a professional and schedule a chimney sweep right away. Your chimney will be ready for fall, and the smells will be eliminated.

  • Mildew / Moldy Smell In Your Chimney

    This is a sign of a serious problem. Smells or visible signs of mold or mildew in the chimney system means water damage [http://www.csia.org/water_and_masonry.html]. It means there is a chimney leak that has occurred long enough for bacteria to grow. The mold may be affecting your family’s respiratory health, and the water is most definitely affecting your masonry.
    If you smell mildew or mold in your fireplace and chimney, hear water, or see visible signs of water damage, you should have your leaky chimney diagnosed as soon as possible.

  • Decomposition Smell Can Come From Animals In Your Chimney

    The foul odor of decomposition can be overpowering and can cause severe reactions in people living in the home. The smells can occur when any living thing decomposes in the chimney system. This can means leaves, twigs, fur, droppings, and even animals that became trapped or suffocated. If you are experiencing the distinct odor of decomposition, you should have your chimney swept, and a chimney professional may need to remove a carcass from your system. To prevent reoccurrence you can talk to your technician about a new chimney cap that will keep animals out of the chimney system.

cleaning fireplace in IndianaChimney Cleaning Prevents Chimney Smells

The last thing you want to ruin your summer is a costly chimney problem. The easiest way to avoid chimney odors, damages, and other complications is to keep up with your routine maintenance. Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend regular chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections to maintain the safest and most efficient chimney system possible. That means, if you schedule now, you can spend the rest of the summer with the assurance that your system will be ready for burn season, with no smells, and no damage.

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