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Why You Should Not DIY When it Comes to Your Chimney

In a DIY world, there are a few things that you just shouldn’t do yourself. You wouldn’t pay the neighborhood handyman to build your dream home, so you shouldn’t hire an amateur to work on your chimney system. Your chimney system is as important as your home, your health, and your comfort–and it affects all three. Your chimney works the entire time your fire is burning to vent your fire.

Credentials Still Matter

Credentials and standards are bigger than your fireplace and your living room. Aside from your family’s health and safety, there are legal reasons to hire a professional. Most cities won’t grant a building permit unless a certified professional is contracted for the job.Why You Should Not DIY Your Chimney Image - Indianapolis IN - Chimney Solutions of Indiana LLC

Nationally Recognized Credential – The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is the go-to source for chimney safety and standards since the 1980s. A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) signature is the one that professionals look for on legal documents. Realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, and local authorities trust the CSIA signature, and so should you.

Code of Ethics – A CSIA certified chimney sweep adheres to a stringent code of ethics designed to protect the consumer from scams. If a member is found to be in violation their certification may be revoked.

Continued Education – Every three years a CSIA member will re-certify through continued education credits or examination. This assures that chimney professionals expertise changes with the changing technologies and advancements of the industry.

A Professional Touch

Many homeowners understand the concept of how the chimney works, but do not understand the expertise it takes to build, repair, or maintain a chimney properly. A chimney sweep should use industry-specific, refractory materials. These materials can withstand heat and abuse over time without compromising the integrity of the chimney and fireplace. A chimney sweep also knows the best, longest lasting products to install onto your chimney system to keep it lasting and working for you.

Chimney Solutions of Indiana has been operating in the Indianapolis area for years and is aware of municipal codes and manufacturer requirements. In many cases a manufacturer won’t even honor a warranty agreement if the installation and maintenance isn’t performed by a certified professional–sometimes even requiring specific training through the National Fireplace Institute as well as CSIA.

When it comes to work on your chimney, you don’t want to risk it. Exposure to soot and creosote can cause skin irritation, respiratory distress, and other dangerous reactions, but a chimney professional takes necessary precautions to prevent this. Another benefit to scheduling routine maintenance with a chimney sweep means you can rest assured that the chimney works properly and there aren’t any hidden fire risks that can lead to a house fire or illness. When it comes to your chimney system it’s ALWAYS better to hire a professional. Spend a little now to save a lot in the long run. When you’re ready to build, maintain, or repair your dream fireplace, hire a chimney sweep first.

A Chimney Solutions chimney expert is standing by to schedule your consultation. Call 877-672-4466 or request an appointment online now.

A Capped Chimney Offers Solutions To a Variety of Common Problems

There are many things that can go wrong during the life of your chimney. If you’re lucky, and diligent about maintaining your chimney system, you can avoid hazards that shorten your chimney’s life. Ideally, it should last the life of your home with preventative care, annual maintenance, and necessary minor repairs.

A Capped Chimney Offers Solution Image - Indianapolis IN - Chimney Solutions IndianaOne of the most common causes of a variety of chimney problems is a missing, damaged, or improperly installed cap. An uncapped chimney can cause a number of problems, drop efficiency, raise fire risk, and cost in major repairs in the long run. Problems caused from an uncapped chimney are 100 percent preventable.

Prevent Water Damage

When your chimney doesn’t have a cap to cover the flue opening, it leaves the flue wide open for rain water, snow, sleet, or hail to fall into the chimney freely. Once inside your chimney, rain water can cause rust, rot, spalling, deterioration, staining, and leaks that ruin your ceilings and wall coverings. Water penetration is the most damaging thing that can happen to your masonry chimney because water damages the chimney from the inside out unseen by the homeowner until the damage is extensive. Soot mixed with water also creates a highly corrosive material that can damage the chimney liner. All of this damage goes unnoticed for weeks or months until it’s noticed by the homeowner, or by a certified chimney sweep.

Prevent Wildlife From Nesting in Your Flue

In winter and spring, small critters search for warm, dry shelters to nest or hibernate. If the flue is uncapped, they have a fantastic space with an inviting entrance. Animals like squirrels and chipmunks may be able to get in and out without becoming trapped, but their climbing will most likely leave the flue liner scratched and damaged. Birds may build nests and raise their babies in your flue, leaving behind nesting debris when they leave. Any debris left in the flue by nesting wildlife will be flammable and can also obstruct airflow.

Prevent Sparks from Igniting Roof Debris

The metal mesh that protects the chimney opening doesn’t only keep debris and animals out of your flue. It also protects the roof from flying sparks. An especially hot fire can throw sparks and flames far up the chimney, even spitting sparks out the top of the chimney in some cases. If these sparks are able to leave the flue opening they can easily ignite leaves and debris on the roof, even dry grasses and shrubbery below. The best way to prevent this type of fire risk is keeping your chimney capped.

The first defense against chimney damage from top to bottom is a chimney cap. It’s a low-cost preventative measure that can save you a fortune in future damage. An added bonus to the chimney cap is that it raises efficiency. The design keeps wind gusts from affecting your fire and pushing smoke and odors into your home.

Your solution for a variety of chimney problems is a standard or custom chimney cap from Chimney Solutions. Call 317-757-6979 or request an appointment online to take the first step toward waterproofing your chimney system with a chimney cap now.

Chimney Solutions Indiana proudly serves the greater Indianapolis area with all your chimney and fireplace needs. Our mission is to provide quality and peace of mind to families by offering premier chimney solutions.