How to Keep Your Outdoor Fireplace Safe and Clean This Summer

Long summer days call for enjoyable summer nights relaxing by your outdoor fireplace. With a few tips and tricks, you can keep your outdoor fireplace in clean and safe condition for entertaining guests — and identify when to call in a licensed professional to help. How to clean an outdoor wood-burning fireplace What you’ll need: … more »
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2020 Strengthened the Chimney Industry – Here’s How

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year of change. Entire industries were shaken and forced to change in the face of the pandemic, and the chimney industry was no different.  Now that we’re starting to see the light of day, we wanted to look back and reflect on all the changes — good … more »
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The Cowboy Cauldron: Meet your new backyard best friend

Picture this: it’s a breezy summer evening in Indianapolis. You spent the day cooking out with family and swimming in the pool. Now, everyone has calmed down and is ready to settle in with drinks, conversation, and a warm fire. There’s just one issue. You don’t have an outdoor fireplace and you certainly don’t want … more »
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5 Benefits of a Spring Chimney Inspection

Winter is finally over, time to put the past behind us, right? Well, not quite. Now is actually the time to assess the damage that winter did to our homes and fix these issues for the future. That way, when the snow hits again (like it always does), you won’t be scrambling to get your … more »
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