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Do You Have A Leaky Chimney?

fixing a leaky chimney with a chimney crownIs a chimney leak wreaking havoc on your home and causing extensive damage? If you’ve noticed pooling water in your fireplace, water-damaged ceilings and walls surrounding your chimney, or water in your attic, there’s a good chance a chimney leak is to blame. Typically, when a chimney leak presents itself to the homeowner, damage has already occurred. That’s why it’s imperative that you stay on top of these things by keeping up with annual inspections.

During an annual inspection, we’ll check for any signs of water intrusion and check the most common problem areas:


  •  Chimney Cap – The chimney cap sits at the top of the flue to seal it off and protect it against moisture intrusion. Unfortunately, caps can come loose or undergo damage that renders them ineffective. Read more about caps here.
  • Chimney Crown – The chimney crown is the cement slab that rests at the top of your chimney stack and closes it off from the outside. Many times we see leaks start in this area due to improper construction or weather damage. If the crown is not properly built or if it has cracks and holes, water will quickly make its way down into the chimney itself. Learn more about the crown here.
  • Flashing – Metal sheets are layered where the chimney and roof meet, as this is a partiare designed to provide a barrier against water. Many things can render flashing ineffective at keeping water out, from improper installation and poor materials to strong winds, house settling, animal tampering, and water damage. If your flashing is to blame for your leak, we put a stop to it with new flashing. We also install thru-wall flashing – click here to learn more!
  • Damaged Masonry – Damaged and deteriorating masonry is a leading cause of chimney leaks, and as damage worsens, the masonry allows more and more water in. One of the best ways to prevent leaks in your chimney is to have the masonry professionally waterproofed. Masonry waterproofing provides a vapor-permeable seal that will prevent water from wicking into your masonry and causing damage to the brick and mortar itself. If you are already experiencing leaks due to masonry damage, we can make the necessary repairs and waterproof the chimney to prevent future damage. Learn more about waterproofing here.

If you think you may have a chimney leak, we can help! The technicians at Chimney Solutions specialize in waterproofing, flashing, and  thru-wall flashing services! We’ll inspect and repair your system, as well as equip you with what you need to prevent water problems down the line.

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Water works quickly so you must act quickly! Call Chimney Solutions at 317-757-6979 to request your inspection and leak repair service today!


Having the right chimney top — chimney cap, chase cover, rain pan, energy-saving damper or decorative shroud — can keep your chimney free of critters, moisture and debris. Ask us about all our chimney services now.

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