Leaky Chimney Repairs

Throughout the Indianapolis area, chimney leaks come in many shapes and sizes and can have a variety of causes. Some leaky chimneys are easy to spot; in other cases, the leak isn’t always obvious at first. Regardless of the type of leak, the situation needs to be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.

Chimney Solutions of Indianapolis specializes in detecting and repairing chimney leaks both large and small. Here’s some important information about why your chimney is leaking and the damage it can cause.

Leaky chimney repairs available in Carmel INCauses of a Leaky Chimney

In the chimney industry, we refer to any situation in which your chimney is allowing water into the system as a “chimney leak.” Common causes include:

  • Missing chimney cap, which allows water and snow to fall directly into the chimney flue
  • Cracked concrete chimney crown that can no longer shield the interior areas of the chimney from water
  • Damaged masonry bricks and crumbling mortar
  • Warped, rusted or missing chimney flashing that covers the gap between the chimney and the roof

Leaky Chimney Signs in Your Indianapolis Home

As noted above, you won’t always be able to detect every sign of a leaky chimney, but some signs are fairly obvious. Watch for:

  • Water dripping into the firebox
  • Strong, musty odors coming from the fireplace
  • Similar odors in the attic
  • Stains or damp patches on the walls and ceiling near the fireplace
  • White stains, or “efflorescence,” on the exterior masonry, which means the bricks are absorbing water

How We Address the Leaks

The first step for our Indianapolis chimney technicians is a thorough inspection. We want to learn where the chimney leak originates, how extensive the leak is and how much damage – both visible and unseen – has been done.

Because no two chimney leaks are exactly the same, we have a variety of strategies for dealing with them. These strategies include:

  • Replacement of bricks that are cracked or chipping
  • Tuckpointing to remove decayed mortar and replace it with a strong new compound
  • Repair of a damaged chimney cap; installation of a new cap to guard the entire top of the chimney
  • Chimney crown repair or rebuilding
  • Chimney flashing repair or installation
  • Waterproofing of the masonry surfaces

Collateral damage that might have occurred, such as a broken chimney liner or rusted fireplace damper, can be resolved at this time.

The Risk of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

We encourage our Indianapolis customers to schedule annual chimney inspections and be watchful for all chimney issues, including leaks. When a chimney leak is ignored, serious trouble can result.

Professional chimney repairs available in Indianapolis INThis trouble can range from an ugly-looking chimney all the way up to a chimney that can cause a house fire and allow deadly carbon monoxide to move into your living spaces.

If the chimney masonry is sufficiently damaged by water intrusion, the structure can begin to lean to one side or collapse.

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If you believe your chimney is leaking, it will pay off in the long run to have the problem looked at sooner rather than later. Chimney Solutions of Indianapolis provides complete chimney leak repair services to keep your chimney safe and efficient.

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