Does Your Indianapolis Chimney Smell?

A smelly chimney is no fun to live with. Chimney Solutions of Indianapolis regularly visits our customers’ homes to help them with their smelly chimney problems. Here’s how we can help you.

What Causes a Smelly Chimney?

A chimney flue is going to contain some level of odor. Smoke and smoke byproducts make this inevitable. However, you shouldn’t have an odor problem that’s bad enough to permeate your Indianapolis home with nasty smells.

Here are some of the primary causes of pervasive chimney odors.

  • Built-up creosote and soot, which will smell even stronger if there’s moisture in the flue from a leaky chimney
  • Mold and mildew that can grow rapidly in a damp chimney
  • Rotting tree debris and the nests of small animals that enter the tops of chimneys without chimney caps
  • Deceased animals – some small animals die in chimneys, unable to escape
Smelly chimney repairs available in Indianapolis & Carmel IN

The smelly chimney problem can be worsened when air conditioners, bathroom and kitchen fans and other devices create negative air pressure in the home and draw odors down through the fireplace.

What to Do About Chimney Smells

Chimney Solutions of Indianapolis can help with any cause of a smelly chimney. After an inspection, we’ll know why the odor exists and how to resolve the problem.

Chimney sweeping

Most smelly chimney issues can be improved with a thorough chimney sweeping. Our technicians use a variety of industry-grade tools to remove creosote, soot, leaves and twigs, animal nests and dead animals from your chimney.

(Note that creosote removal is an important job to reduce the chance of a destructive chimney fire.)

Chimney cap installation

If you use your Indianapolis chimney without a cap, your flue is open to debris, water and animal intrusion. We install custom full-width chimney caps that protect the flue opening and the entire top of the chimney.

Chimney crown repair

A cracked chimney crown, which is the concrete layer over the top of the chimney, can allow water into the system. This can lead to a smelly chimney as well as major water damage. We repair and rebuild crowns.

Masonry repair and rebuilding

If water is getting into your Indianapolis chimney through damaged masonry, our crew can replace bricks and crumbling mortar. If the masonry is significantly damaged, we can rebuild parts of the chimney or the entire structure.

Chimney waterproofing

After the masonry is secure, we’ll apply a waterproofing sealant that keeps water away from the bricks and mortar. The sealant we use allows naturally occurring moisture to escape the seal while preventing moisture from rain and snow from getting through it.

Indianapolis Chimney Inspections

Whether the problem is a smelly chimney, a leaky chimney, structural damage or component failure, the first step is always a chimney inspection.

It’s not uncommon when a major odor condition exists for related issues to also be present. We’ll explain in simple language what we find during an inspection and outline the best way to resolve the problem. Our crew can handle all types of chimney repair projects.

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