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Nothing warms the home and lifts the winter blues like a hot, crackling wood fire. But every time you build a fire in your firebox (the actual area in the fireplace that holds the wood), the refractory bricks and mortar that make up the firebox are put under a great deal of stress. Extreme temperatures and corrosive byproducts like creosote can cause the firebox to crack, crumble, and develop holes and gaps over time. And when this happens, it’s not just unsightly – it’s dangerous.

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Why Is A Damaged Firebox So Dangerous?

Have you noticed cracks, holes, gaps, or crumbling brick or mortar in your firebox? The firebox is designed to contain the fire and high heat produced during the fire, but when cracks and holes form, it can no longer effectively do this. As a result, smoke, heat, gas, stray sparks, and ash can make their way into the walls surrounding your fireplace, where they can easily spark a rapidly spreading house fire.

In addition to the safety hazards associated with a deteriorating or damaged firebox, there are efficiency and aesthetic concerns.  You see, not only does a shoddy firebox detract from the beauty of your fire, but each crack and gap decreases the efficiency of the chimney system, leaving you burning through wood much faster, with less heat output.

That’s why the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that every homeowner have their chimney and fireplace professionally inspected by a certified sweep each and every year. During an inspection, a CSIA-certified technician will make note of any firebox damage and recommend a course of action that will restore the safety, efficiency, and beauty of your firebox.

Firebox Repair & Restoration Work That Will Last

indianapolis in firebox repairsThe experts here at Chimney Solutions restore and repair fireboxes throughout the greater Indianapolis area. We can replace damaged brick and mortar with new fire bricks and refractory mortar designed specifically for fireboxes. We’ll also seal the firebox floor with fireclay for added protection and strength. This fireclay can be used to seal the walls of the firebox as well.

If your firebox is beyond repair, a fireplace insert can be retrofitted into your fireplace. A fireplace insert will allow you to enjoy your fireplace once more, despite the poor condition of your firebox.

Do you have a prefabricated metal fireplace insert? If so, you may need to have the firebox panels replaced at some point. Our technicians can take care of this for you or install a new fireplace insert to replace your existing one.

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If your firebox is in need of repair or you’d like one of our expert technicians to evaluate the condition of your firebox and chimney system, give Chimney Solutions a call at 317-757-6979. We’re here to serve you!

If your chimney crown has cracks or is crumbling, schedule a service appointment with our chimney repair specialists to prevent further damage and to keep your chimney in good operating condition.

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