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Enjoy A Cleaner, More Efficient Burn & Unbeatable Charm With A New Wood-Burning Stove Or Insert

If your existing wood-burning fireplace is inefficient and wasteful or you long for the radiant warmth of a real wood fire but lack the space needed for a traditional wood-burning fireplace, we’ve got great news for you! Here at Chimney Solutions, we have access to the safest, most efficient, and most beautiful wood-burning stoves and inserts in the industry. These modern models are EPA-certified to be cleaner burning and to produce much lower emissions than the models of old. Thanks to the many improvements made over the years, today’s wood-burning stoves and inserts deliver all of the charm and romance of the stoves of decades past, with the convenience and efficiency we’ve come to love and expect from an appliance.
“My husband and I were very impressed with Chimney Solutions. Jackson did our initial inspection and was kind, professional and responded quickly whenever I had questions, which was a lot! Dominic and Jake installed our gas logs and did a great job and were both very nice. Plus our gas log kits look beautiful and give off an amazing amount of heat, yay! Will definitely recommend and hire again.”
Suzanne G.
Jan. 9, 2019
“Chimney Solutions Indiana did a great job fixing gas fire place and getting it up and running again.David and Jake were outstanding, helpful, and explained in detail the issue and how to resolve it.Great service experience.”
Josh S.
Jan. 2, 2019
“The service from Chimney Solutions was courteous and professional. Chris did an inspection and was thorough in explaining his findings. We needed a cleaning and some minor repairs around our gas log set. David was professional, kept everything cleaned up nicely, efficient, and took some extra care to make the gas logs look nice. They were able to squeeze us in just in time to have the fire feeling nice for Christmas morning! Will return to chimney solutions for any future work. Thrilled with the results!”
Ryan S.
Dec. 27, 2018
“Timely consultation, very thorough and expert knowledge. Explained issues and options very well. Completed the work while leaving the property clean. Would certainly use again.”
Al G.
Nov. 17, 2018

Recent Work

Here are just a few perks of having a modern wood-burning stove or insert installed:
  • Enjoy longer burn times using less wood
  • Enjoy 70% less particle emissions than older stoves
  • Enjoy lower heating bills
  • Enjoy reduced creosote production (which means less chimney cleaning!)
  • Enjoy high heat output (perfect for zone heating!)
  • Enjoy beautiful, mesmerizing flames & authentic wood logs

Inserts Vs Stoves

Not sure if you’d most benefit from an insert or a stove? If you have a fireplace that’s reached the end of its service life or could use a boost in efficiency, a wood-burning insert may be just what you need. No need to waste your beautiful hearth – we can retrofit the wood-burning insert directly into your existing fireplace, giving you a whole new fireside experience without all of the construction and cost of a new fireplace.

Stoves, on the other hand, are great because they can be installed in areas of the home that lack a fireplace. Looking to add supplemental heat to a kitchen, guest room, or dining room? A wood-burning stove is the answer.

Steel, Cast Iron, Or Soapstone?

Today’s wood-burning stoves and inserts are available in steel, cast iron, and soapstone. Here are the major differences between them:
  • Steel – If you opt for a steel stove or insert, your stove will rapidly heat up, but it will also rapidly cool down once the fire dies down.
  • Soapstone – Soapstone stoves take longer to heat up than their steel counterparts, but are beloved for their ability to retain and radiate consistent heat well after the fire dies down.
  • Cast Iron – Cast iron stoves will radiate heat well after the fire dies, and are enjoyed for their unique, yet traditional appearance.

Ready to start shopping for a new wood stove or insert? You’d be amazed at the many different styles and sizes available to you today. Whether your home décor is modern or rustic, we’re confident you’ll find a wood-burning stove or insert to complete your look. And once you find the perfect new addition, you can count on our certified and experienced wood stove and insert installers to provide prompt, professional installation services!

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Many homeowners love the idea of having a convenient and low-maintenance gas stove, but are hesitant because they fear the logs and fire will lack realism. Although this was most certainly the case in the past, today’s gas stoves offer unprecedented realism. Modern gas logs come in a variety of wood styles, so whether you want a traditional-looking oak or a beautiful white birch, you’re sure to find a gorgeous hand-crafted and hand-painted set of realistic-looking logs in a perfect stove for your space.
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Don’t Go Another Season Without A Fireplace – Call Us Today!

If you’d like to learn more about wood stoves and inserts or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable experts, give us a call! We’re committed to providing our neighbors throughout the Indianapolis area with the highest quality products and the best and most professional installation services. Whether you’re looking to heat a single room or an entire home, we’ll help you find the perfect wood stove or insert for your favorite living space! Call 317-757-6979 to get started!

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