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Enjoy An Eco-Friendly Fire With A New Pellet Stove Or Insert

Many homeowners love the radiant warmth, charm, and look of a real fire, but simply don’t have the space or lifestyle to make sense of a wood-burning stove or insert. If you’re longing for the high heat output of wood with the eco-friendliness of gas, you don’t have to choose! Pellet stoves and inserts are perfect for homeowners who want to burn greener and cleaner, while still enjoying some of the convenience traditionally associated with gas appliances.

Here’s why:
  • Pellet stoves and inserts run off of pellets, which are composed of saw dust, bark, wood chips, and other renewable materials. These pellets are condensed, making for a more complete burn meaning more heat with less fuel, less particle emissions, and, if properly maintained and used, no creosote.
  • Pellets provide the realistic, dancing flames that wood-burning lovers long for.
  • Pellets can be purchased in several different sized bags, so there’s no need to clean out a much needed space in your garage to make room for your fuel. Simply buy a bag that makes sense for your space and your plans for using the stove or insert.
  • Most pellet stoves and inserts are self-igniting and have automatic hoppers and thermostats. That means more control, with less effort.
  • Many pellet stoves and inserts have automatic safety shutoffs should something go wrong.

These stoves and inserts also come in a wide assortment of styles, so whether you long for the traditional stove look or want something more contemporary, there are plenty of excellent stoves and inserts to choose from.
“My husband and I were very impressed with Chimney Solutions. Jackson did our initial inspection and was kind, professional and responded quickly whenever I had questions, which was a lot! Dominic and Jake installed our gas logs and did a great job and were both very nice. Plus our gas log kits look beautiful and give off an amazing amount of heat, yay! Will definitely recommend and hire again.”
Suzanne G.
Jan. 9, 2019
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Josh S.
Jan. 2, 2019
“The service from Chimney Solutions was courteous and professional. Chris did an inspection and was thorough in explaining his findings. We needed a cleaning and some minor repairs around our gas log set. David was professional, kept everything cleaned up nicely, efficient, and took some extra care to make the gas logs look nice. They were able to squeeze us in just in time to have the fire feeling nice for Christmas morning! Will return to chimney solutions for any future work. Thrilled with the results!”
Ryan S.
Dec. 27, 2018
“Timely consultation, very thorough and expert knowledge. Explained issues and options very well. Completed the work while leaving the property clean. Would certainly use again.”
Al G.
Nov. 17, 2018

Pellet Stove Or Pellet Insert – Which Is Right For You?

Looking to add a stove to a room without a chimney? Pellet stoves can be vented horizontally or vertically, so whether you have a chimney in place or not, a pellet stove can be a great way to add supplemental heat and charm to just about any room in your home. You’ll be amazed at how much heat these units put out with relatively no effort!

Is your old, drafty wood-burning fireplace in need of an efficiency update? Cut down on your heating bills and energy waste by having a pellet insert retrofitted into your existing fireplace. These can work with your existing chimney and allow you to continue to enjoy family gatherings around the hearth.

Standard Or Premium Pellets?

When shopping for pellets, you’ll choose between standard and premium. Here at Chimney Solutions, we recommend premium pellets as they will give you the best appliance performance and the smallest amount of ash and particle emissions. If you choose to use a standard pellet, you can expect as much as 4% ash output and more appliance maintenance. These lower quality pellets are also less consistent in their makeup and can negatively affect your appliance’s electronic components over time.
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For a no-hassle experience with a stove or insert, you can’t do better than a gas stove or insert. Ask us about the possibilities.

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