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Protect Your Masonry & Prevent Chimney Leaks
With Professional Waterproofing Services

waterproofing chimneys in indianapolis inIf you’ve ever experienced a chimney leak, you know how quickly water can lead to extensive chimney damage and expensive repairs. You also likely know how much of this damage can take place before the leak is detected. That’s one reason why keeping up with annual inspections is so vital. During an inspection, we’ll check all vulnerable areas and look for some of the most common types of moisture-related chimney damage:


  • Receding or Cracking Joints – When water enters the mortar holding your chimney’s bricks together, it can cause the joints to erode and crack. As this continues, more and more water gains access to your chimney system and the structural integrity of the chimney is compromised.
  • Spalling Brick – When water swells and constricts within the brick itself during temperature changes, it can cause the brick to flake and the surface to pop off. This is known as spalling. Spalling brick isn’t just unpleasant to look at – it also detracts from the functionality, safety, and integrity of the entire masonry structure.
  • Efflorescence – Efflorescence is the term used to describe the whitish salt deposits that appear on the surface of water-damaged brick.
  • Rusted or Corroded Metal Components – When water makes its way into your masonry chimney, it doesn’t just damage the masonry itself – it also damages the metal components of your chimney system! Commonly, we see rusted and hole-riddled metal chimney liners, dampers, and appliances.

Prevention Is Key

Those of us here at Chimney Solutions have witnessed firsthand the negative effects of water on chimneys, which is why we’re such advocates for masonry waterproofing. When we waterproof chimneys, we use sealants made specifically for chimney masonry. These sealants are different from other waterproofing products, in that they allow vapor to move in and out of the masonry freely. Why is this important? When you light up a fire in your fireplace, vapor is produced and must escape. With traditional waterproofing products, vapor is trapped inside where it can damage the masonry and metal components of the chimney system.

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chimney waterproofing pros of indianapolis inIf you’re looking for a way to battle water and keep your chimney dry and in great shape, call Chimney Solutions today! We’ll inspect your system, repair any damage, and waterproof your masonry for quality, long-lasting protection that doesn’t alter the look of your chimney. Call 317-757-6979 to get started!


Preventing chimney leaks may require flashing repair or replacement. Either way our trained crews are standing by to keep you dry!

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