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Restore Your Clay Chimney Liner With A HeatShield® Surface Reline

chimney liner renovation and repair In the past, when clay tile liners developed cracks, gaps, or mortar deterioration, the only option available to homeowners was to fully reline the flue with a new stainless steel liner. Today, we’re pleased to offer our clients throughout the Indianapolis area another option: HeatShield®. HeatShield® is a product specially formulated and developed by CeCURE Chimney Systems to repair and resurface clay tile liners. This environmentally-friendly cerfractory sealant carries a 20-year warranty and provides an affordable, effective solution for damaged clay tile liners, which is why our customers love it – and we do, too!

Why Is It Necessary To Repair A Damaged Clay Tile Liner?

The chimney liner is responsible for containing and removing the byproducts of combustion (like smoke and carbon monoxide) from the home while you’re enjoying a fire in your fireplace, insert, or stove. If cracks, holes, or gaps are present in the liner, heat can transfer to nearby combustibles and carbon monoxide and smoke can make their way into your home and air supply. Both scenarios are incredibly dangerous, which is why liner restoration is absolutely necessary.

Is HeatShield® Designed For Patch Repairs Or Can It Resurface The Entire Liner?

HeatShield® is a great product because it allows us to restore clay tile liners with varying degrees of damage. It can be applied to a crack here and there or used to coat the tile liner in its entirety. As long as the clay tile liner is structurally strong, HeatShield® can be used to restore it. Here’s a look at the HeatShield® joint repair and resurfacing processes:

  • Joint Repair and chimney repair in indyJoint Repair – When performing joint repair, we clean the area beingrepaired and apply a prep or “tie” coat. Next, we pour in the HeatShield® product and use a custom-fitted foam applicator to press the product into the cracks, gaps, and holes, making sure everything is sealed and smooth.
  • Resurfacing – During a surface reline, our technicians clean the chimney liner and apply a prep or “tie” coat to the entire surface of the clay tile liner. Once the prep coat is dry, we pour in the HeatShield® product, using a foam applicator specially designed to fit your chimney to smooth it over the surface from top to bottom.

Once we’ve applied the HeatShield® product and smoothed it over to make sure all cracks and gaps are sealed and that the liner surface is smooth and air-tight, we use camera equipment to check our work.

Find Out If HeatShield® Is Right For You!

If your clay tile liner is damaged, give Chimney Solutions a call today! We’ll inspect the liner and let you know whether or not HeatShield® is a viable option for restoring the safety and efficiency of your chimney system. Call 317-757-6979 to request your appointment today!

A stainless steel liner may solve all your chimney relining issues, so give us a call today to discuss your best option.

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