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Annual Chimney Inspections Help Protect Your Home And Safety

Each year, dozens of preventable chimney fires occur in the U.S., destroying homes, valuables, and lives. But those of us here at Chimney Solutions is committed to providing expert chimney services and inspections in efforts to reduce these numbers and provide our neighbors throughout the Indianapolis area with peace of mind. We specialize in the three levels of inspections as established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and can let you know exactly what your system needs in order to operate at maximum efficiency and safety. Whether you use your chimney and fireplace every year or not, let our team help you keep your chimney system safer and in better condition.
“My husband and I were very impressed with Chimney Solutions. Jackson did our initial inspection and was kind, professional and responded quickly whenever I had questions, which was a lot! Dominic and Jake installed our gas logs and did a great job and were both very nice. Plus our gas log kits look beautiful and give off an amazing amount of heat, yay! Will definitely recommend and hire again.”
Suzanne G.
Jan. 9, 2019
“Chimney Solutions Indiana did a great job fixing gas fire place and getting it up and running again.David and Jake were outstanding, helpful, and explained in detail the issue and how to resolve it.Great service experience.”
Josh S.
Jan. 2, 2019
“The service from Chimney Solutions was courteous and professional. Chris did an inspection and was thorough in explaining his findings. We needed a cleaning and some minor repairs around our gas log set. David was professional, kept everything cleaned up nicely, efficient, and took some extra care to make the gas logs look nice. They were able to squeeze us in just in time to have the fire feeling nice for Christmas morning! Will return to chimney solutions for any future work. Thrilled with the results!”
Ryan S.
Dec. 27, 2018
“Timely consultation, very thorough and expert knowledge. Explained issues and options very well. Completed the work while leaving the property clean. Would certainly use again.”
Al G.
Nov. 17, 2018

Let’s talk chimney inspections.

There are 3 levels of inspections, each appropriate for different situations. Here’s a little about each and when they’re recommended:
Even if you don’t plan to use your chimney this season, the NFPA and the CSIA recommend that you have a level 1 inspection performed each and every year. Level 1 inspections are ideal for chimney systems that haven’t undergone any changes or shown any signs of damage or defect. These inspections should really be conducted at the same time as a chimney cleaning. During a level 1 inspection, we’ll check all easily accessible parts of your appliance and chimney, looking for creosote buildup, chimney blockages, or any other safety, functionality, or efficiency concerns. The areas we inspect include smoke chamber, firebox, damper, stovepipe, chimney cap, chimney crown, chimney exterior, masonry, and mortar joints.
Have you changed or do you plan to change your appliance type, fuel type, or flue? Have you noticed any issues with your chimney system? Did you recently purchase your home? Have you experienced a chimney fire? All of these scenarios call for a level 2 inspection. During a level 2 inspection, we use a video camera to inspect the accessible areas of the chimney system and attached wood stove, appliance, or furnace. We’ll look at both the interior and exterior parts of the system from top to bottom, including all of the components inspected during a level 1 inspection.
If a level 2 inspection is unsuccessful at identifying issues or reveals extensive damage that can’t be addressed without further inspection, a level 3 inspection will need to be performed. Level 3 inspections oftentimes involve the removal of parts of the system like brick, flue pipe, crown, masonry, walls, etc. These inspections are relatively rare and are only performed when there is no other way to address the issue or threat.
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We’ll thoroughly inspect your chimney system and appliance and let you know if any repairs need to be made. All of our inspections include a written report of our findings and recommendations. To request your appointment, call 317-757-6979! We do complete chimney repairs all the way from the firebox to the smoke chamber and up through the chimney crown. Chimney Solutions offers the best chimney services available to the entire greater Indianapolis area.
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