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Is Your Chimney Crown Protecting Your Chimney?

We all know that houses need roofs, but what’s keeping rain, debris, and animals out of your chimney? The chimney crown! Every chimney should be equipped with a quality, well-built chimney crown, which is a cement slab that seals off the top of the chimney stack, leaving only your chimney flue exposed. When well-built and well-maintained, the chimney crown can protect your chimney against the devastation caused by animals, moisture, and other intruders. Is your chimney crown still serving its purpose? Our technicians can inspect your chimney and make sure it is!

What We Look For When We Inspect Your Chimney Crown

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When we inspect your chimney crown, we check for a few things:

Proper Construction & Materials – The first thing we check for when we look at a chimney crown is whether or not it’s properly constructed. In order to adequately protect your chimney, your crown should have at least some overhang (2″ is normal). Additionally, the crown should have a slight angle to it, which will encourage rain to run off of the crown and away from the chimney and flashing.  We also check to make sure your crown is constructed of concrete and steel mesh. A mortar crown will crumble and crack in no time, which brings us to the next thing we check for…

Cracks, Holes, Or Crumbling – If your chimney crown is covered in cracks or holes, or if moisture is causing it to crumble and wear thin, you’ll have water in your chimney in no time. That’s why we thoroughly check the crown for any areas of damage or spots that could allow moisture in.

If we find that your chimney crown is damaged or poorly constructed, our team can make the needed repairs or build you a new crown. Whatever the extent of your needs, you can count on Chimney Solutions to provide you with professional, long-lasting results – guaranteed.


Repairing & Protecting With Crown Sealant

When the crown is simply in need of some crack or hole repair, we use a chimney crown sealant to fill and protect. This sealant provides a durable, flexible waterproof film that protects the crown and prevents future damage. If the openings are large, we use a patching material to fill them before applying the crown sealant. When properly and professionally applied, you can expect the crown sealant to protect your chimney crown for years to come.

Crown Rebuilds

If your chimney crown is significantly damaged or improperly built, we can replace it. Our experts know exactly what goes into a proper chimney crown and can provide you with the most durable and professional results.

indianapolis in crown rebuildTo request an appointment to have your chimney crown inspected, repaired, or rebuilt, please call us at 317-757-6979! We’re honored to serve you and look forward to working with you!

If masonry repairs are in your future, then make sure the chimney and fireplace repair team from Chimney Solutions is too!

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