How to Get Your Fireplace Ready for Fall & Winter

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Here are some tips you can use to safely run your fireplace and chimney during the upcoming winter.

Have the system inspected

This is the starting point to fireplace prep, because a thorough inspection will tell you if any minor (or major) repairs or alterations are needed. Damage and malfunction issues aren’t always easy to spot just by looking at the chimney, fireplace and system components. A qualified, licensed inspector will find what you can’t see.

Whether you use a gas or a wood fireplace, the unit needs to be thoroughly inspected by a professional before firing it up for the winter. Each fuel type requires some unique inspection tasks:

Gas fireplaces

Inspectors will check the blower to make sure it’s not clogged and is working properly. Dust, hair and other debris can get into the blade assembly and impede its operation. Gas lines will be checked along with the pilot light assembly and other components. Your inspector will look over the venting system to spot signs of damage or blockage.

Wood fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplace systems have special inspection targets, primarily creosote buildups and damage caused by chimney fires and water leaks. The chimney cap, crown and flashing will be thoroughly inspected. In certain cases, a flue liner inspection will be recommended.

For both gas and wood fireplaces, your inspector will evaluate the firebox for signs of brick and mortar decay and other issues that could lead to a safety risk.

Schedule repair work before you start using your fireplace regularly

If your fireplace/chimney inspector finds damage that needs to be repaired or parts or components that need to be replaced, schedule this work as soon as possible.

Gas fireplace systems typically don’t require the level of repairs that wood fireplace systems do. Common repair tasks with wood-burning fireplaces include:

  • Repair of cracked external bricks and mortar
  • Chimney crown crack repair or rebuilding
  • Chimney cap repair or replacement (or installation, if you have no chimney cap)
  • Chimney flashing repair or installation
  • Fireplace damper repair or replacement
  • Chimney liner repair or relining with a new stainless steel liner

It’s never advisable to fire up a fireplace for the winter when there are unresolved issues.

fireplace cleaning, indianapolis inHave the chimney cleaned

If you run a wood fireplace, your chimney flue needs professional cleaning once a year. Try to schedule this service in the summer or early fall to avoid scheduling conflicts later in the season when chimney sweep crews have extremely busy schedules.

Chimney cleaning removes flammable creosote from the flue and also removes debris such as leaves, twigs and the nests of small animals. Creosote is responsible for most chimney fires in the U.S. each year. Debris can narrow the flue passage, impede drafting and cause dangerous carbon monoxide and other combustion gases and smoke to enter your home.

Chimney sweeps who are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) use professional-grade tools such as chimney sweep rods, brushes and scrubbers along with highly effective cleaning solvents and commercial vacuums. The result is a clean chimney and a project completed safely and correctly.

By following these three tips for preparing your fireplace/chimney for the fall and winter, you’ll be going a long way toward ensuring another season of comfort and enjoyment from your appliance.

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