How to Identify and Seal Chimney Drafts

Drafts are notoriously irritating and challenging to locate. It becomes exponentially more irritating during the long, icy winter months. Yes, it’s an issue no one wants to deal with, but fear not; we can point you in the right direction. With that in mind, here is how to identify seal chimney drafts in winter.

chimney and fireplace inspections in Noblesville, IndianaHow Do You Find a Chimney Draft?

It may seem simple, but identifying a chimney draft can be complex. So, let’s look at the different ways to confirm you have a chimney draft.

Look Over Your Chimney

Begin by examining your chimney with your own eyes for any indications of cracks, chipping, and broken bricks, all of which indicate a condition known as spalling. Scrutinize your chimney’s mortar to see if any has worn away or is cracking. If there is a gap where your chimney intersects the roof, that is another likely entry point for frigid air.

Smoke Out the Draft

Yes, we know this one sounds like a magic trick, but it works. First, shut all windows and doors in your home to generate a contained condition. Light a candle and hold it close to your fireplace. Be sure that the damper is open along with any other possible seams or joints in the chimney’s architecture. Pay close attention to the smoke; if it is drawn out of the room, you’ve found the draft in question.

The Chimney is Alive With the Sound of Drafts

To listen for a draft, first, quiet the room by turning off any televisions, radios, or devices that are making noise. Stand or sit close to your dormant fireplace on a windy day, and keep an ear out for any evidential whistling or howling noises. Sounds of that nature usually point to air movement through spaces or cracks in your chimney.

Feel the Draft

Use your hand and feel around the fireplace; near the damper and the chimney throat are best. If there is a draft, it will be obvious.

Sealing Your Chimney’s Draft

Knowing where the draft originated is half the battle, but you should leave the other half of the battle to a qualified chimney sweep service. They have the training, experience, and tools to find and seal your chimney’s draft.

Fix Your Dilapidated Chimney’s Structure

Have you discovered cracks in your chimney’s mortar, or is a void present where the bricks were? If your chimney looks like the leaning tower of Pisa, then it is about to collapse. What can you do? There is hope that a capable chimney sweep service will repair any absent or damaged bricks.

All Caps

A chimney without a cap is like a house without a roof. A chimney cap is a helpful accessory that keeps rain out of your chimney and deters wildlife from turning it into their winter condo, and it’s second to none in reducing drafts. 

Dinged Dampers

A broken damper certainly can be a pain. Why? A broken damper will let cold air blow into your house right down your chimney. Don’t go for a bargain basement deal on a damper. Be sure to replace it with a high-quality top-sealing damper that seals your chimney’s top when dormant, furnishing a tighter seal than classic throat dampers.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Routine Maintenance

Do you want to keep unpleasant drafts from turning your home into a giant freezer? The best way to ensure your home stays warm and cozy through winter is with frequent inspections and care by a certified chimney sweep service. They can recognize and stem issues before they lead to drafts.

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Under Pressure

Employing exhaust fans and heating appliances simultaneously is an excellent way to bring negative pressure inside your home. Is that bad? Yes. It will invite in cold air through your chimney and ice your home in winter.

To Sum Up

Drafts can be an issue year-round; having a professional chimney sweep service inspect your chimney if you feel a draft is best.

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