The CSIA Difference

Fire has long been a source of heat for American homes. Actually, even further back than that! Fire and chimneys were used in Europe before America was colonized. In addition, Native Americans vented their fires through a hole in the top of their teepees. Where fire has seemed to always be a source of heat, … more »
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Benefits of Direct Vent Technology

As the Indianapolis area’s gas fireplace experts, one of our most requested services is direct vent installations. At Chimney Solutions Indiana, we understand the convenience a gas fireplace offers our customers and we specialize in installation and maintenance of direct-vent gas fireplaces. Why Choose Gas? It’s hard to find a downside to gas fireplaces, especially … more »
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Our Price-Match Guarantee on Masonry Services

When your masonry has a problem, you experience a problem. Safety and efficiency decreases, and masonry damage that goes without repair often leads to extensive costs and damages. Masonry damage cannot be ignored, especially during the burning season, in which your family depends on the chimney and fireplace for heat and expect it to operate … more »
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What is a Fireplace Insert?

When the winter cold is brazenly chilly, you want your fireplace working at maximum efficiency to keep you and your family warm. However, that is rarely the case. Traditional wood stoves have a low range of efficiency from 35% –55%. You burn more wood only to have less heat retention in your home, not to … more »
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