How to Keep Animals Out of My Chimney

Furry creatures are fun to admire from afar, but they are not so fun to admire if they make it into our homes – or a bit worse  – our chimneys.  Animals like birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons can get it into the flue of a chimney and climb around. Chimneys are warm, safe spaces that look … more »
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When to Have Your Chimney Repaired

In ever-changing Indiana weather, it can be difficult to know if your chimney needs repaired. Annual inspections are always helpful, but these are some chimney repair tips to help you recognize when to call the experts. Rust Oftentimes, the chase cover of your chimney – or the metal top that protects the chimney– can develop … more »
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5 Reasons Why You’ll Need a Chimney Inspection This Spring

In the Midwest, spring cleaning is mostly associated with yard work, decluttering storage spaces, and garage sales. We think that it’s time to add a chimney inspection to every spring cleaning “to-do” list. It is significantly more beneficial to have a chimney inspection in the spring even though many look into the cost of a … more »
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