5 Reasons Why You’ll Need a Chimney Inspection This Spring

In the Midwest, spring cleaning is mostly associated with yard work, decluttering storage spaces, and garage sales. We think that it’s time to add a chimney inspection to every spring cleaning “to-do” list. It is significantly more beneficial to have a chimney inspection in the spring even though many look into the cost of a … more »
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How to Keep a Leaky Chimney From Damaging Your Home

Ask any chimney builder, fireplace retailer or chimney sweep, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: chimneys and water don’t mix.  Water from rain and melting snow may seem harmless, but it actually can be very destructive, especially if early damage isn’t detected and repaired. In addition to causing erosion in various areas of the chimney/fireplace system, chimney leaks can lead to serious problems … more »
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Why Chimney Repair Is Important

Timely chimney repair and maintenance is the only way to ensure that your entire fireplace system is running optimally and safely. Here are some common chimney problems and what should be done about them. Leaky chimney After years of use, the bricks and mortar that were used to build your chimney can begin to deteriorate … more »
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