Reasons Every Chimney Should Have a Cap

Righty tighty, lefty loosey is a universal truth. We all know this even if we don’t remember where we first learned it. What should be another universal truth? That’s easy: every chimney should have a cap. Let’s review the four main reasons why this is true.

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Why every chimney should have a cap

First, let’s recap (if you’ll forgive us for the pun). What is a chimney cap exactly? Just as a baseball cap covers your head, a chimney cap is the uppermost cover to your chimney, covering its opening.

All chimneys should have a crown that sits at the very top of your brick and mortar. Above the crown is the rest of your flue where smoke escapes when you are using your fireplace. Your flue, however, is a two-way street. Just as smoke can escape, other things can likewise enter your chimney.

Here is where your cap comes into play. The protective nature of a chimney cap allows the smoke to escape through a mesh grating while keeping other things from getting in.

Animals and debris

Chimneys are dark and warm. This sounds like the perfect hiding spot for your neighborhood furry friends. Unfortunately, they create a mess for the homeowner when they make their home inside of your flue. Not only can they damage the internal components of your chimney, but they can also perish inside of it if they cannot find their way out.  In addition, organic debris such as leaves and sticks can become a fire hazard if they get inside and start to decompose. You can call someone to come take care of the issue each time either of these situations happen. Or, better yet, a Chimney Solutions technician can install a chimney cap so you don’t have to worry about either anymore.


Moisture, where it isn’t welcome, can lead to damage like cracked masonry, weakened mortar, and even mold. This can be not only dangerous to your health but also result in potentially expensive repairs. A cap keeps water and other elements out of your chimney by directing it away from the opening and diverting it to your roof. There, it moves to your gutters and away from your home.


Have you ever been sitting around a campfire and watched the occasional ember float up into the air? Outdoors, this usually doesn’t lead to an issue. With an uncapped chimney, it can be an entirely different situation for your home. Embers that travel up your chimney without a cap installed can land on your roof, possibly starting a devastating fire.

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When a gust of wind travels down your chimney, it can bring unwanted cold air into your home. Drafts can lead to higher energy bills as they reduce the efficiency of your fireplace and chimney. Finally, a draft from an uncapped chimney can cause smoke to blow back into your home causing a health hazard for your family.

Chimney caps from Chimney Solutions

A chimney cap is one simple and relatively inexpensive addition to your chimney that has countless benefits.

It brings with it added safety, protection from water damage, money savings on heating/cooling, and finally protection against both debris and animals.

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