Schedule a Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Before Fall

Even though it’s springtime, Fall will be here before you know it. So, its time to begin thinking about your chimney and fireplace! If you haven’t already scheduled your chimney sweep and annual inspection, you should do so before fall. Avoid the Fall Rush For Chimney Service You can avoid the “fall rush” if you … more »
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The Chimney May Be The Actual Cause of your Leaking Roof

Many chimneys experience leaks throughout their life. Paying close attention to your chimney’s performance can help you identify signs of a leak before it becomes a dangerous (and expensive) problem. If you have a leaky chimney you may: Hear dripping in the fireplace or chimney. Smell musty odors coming from the chimney. Spot stains on … more »
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Why You Should Leave Your Local Business a Review

In today’s day of social media and search engines, it’s more important than ever to mean what you say and say what you mean. Word-of-mouth is and will always be the best form of marketing for a business, big or small. This is why the reviews are so important. Websites like Yelp! and the Better … more »
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How to Hire a Chimney Sweep and What Factors to Consider

If you intend to keep up with important annual maintenance that can prevent outstanding costs later you’ll need a chimney sweep every year. When you find a chimney sweep company that you are happy with, that company may service your chimney for many years. To make sure you find a sweep that is the right … more »
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