6 Places You Didn’t Know a Fireplace Could Go

When we think of a “fireplace,” usually we conjure up images of a big, expansive structure made of heavy brick, roaring with flames inside the main room of a home.  This is a great way to use a fireplace, as testified by the hundreds of years folks have been doing it.  But why stop there?  With today’s amazing designs and fireplace technologies, you can have the beauty … more »
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4 Reasons Your Chimney May Smell and What to Do About Them

Have you been noticing odd odors in your home?  If you’ve eliminated most other possible causes, it’s time to look at your chimney.  A variety of things can cause a chimney to give off an unpleasant smell.  Fortunately, they’re all easy to fix, once you’ve pinpointed the problem. Air pressure issues If your home is “air-tight,” you might have a negative air pressure situation that is preventing air … more »
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Up in Smoke: Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Wood Burning Fireplace

Christmas is right around the corner and the temperature keeps dropping to remind us. It’s the perfect time to pull out your fireplace tools and light up the hearth. After the fire goes out, don’t forget to maintain your fireplace! Few things would be as devastating as a fire just before the holidays. If you aren’t careful, this could happen to you.  Here are … more »
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Keeping Your Fireplace Insert Clean In Between Chimney Sweepings

Fireplace inserts are ideal appliances when your current fireplace isn’t doing a great job with heating and cost-saving.  Inserts are pre-made to fit directly inside an existing firebox.  They’re well-insulated and highly efficient, especially when compared to a traditional masonry fireplace. Like with any kind of fireplace, however, inserts need to be cleaned and kept up.  Your chimney sweep will handle the larger annual cleaning task … more »
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