Does Your Chimney Need a New Liner?

The chimney liner is an important part of the fireplace system and should be inspected regularly and repaired and maintained as needed. The chimney liner serves three purposes: Protects house from heat transfer to combustibles. Protects the masonry from corrosive byproducts of combustion. Provide a correctly-sized flue for optimum use with appliance or fireplace. When … more »
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Chase Covers: What They Are and When to Replace Them

If you’re a homeowner and have a factory-built chimney instead of a masonry chimney, you most likely have a chase cover instead of a chimney cap. They serve the same purpose. Chase covers cover the chase, or chimney opening, and are essential for preventing damage to the chimney due to water damage and animal habitation … more »
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We Offer Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Solutions Indiana has made it a priority to service chimneys with safety and functionality in mind. It is our goal to offer the best products and service in the industry, and while much of our expertise is gained through training, the bulk of it is experienced. We are familiar with the climate here in … more »
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Add Some Style to Your Backyard With a Fire Pit

Spring is in full swing here in Indianapolis, and the warm days and cool nights have you spending more time outside. You might invite friends and family over for a barbecue, but you don’t have enough room inside, and your yard is small, or maybe it’s rocky. Your backyard just isn’t welcoming, and won’t accommodate … more »
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